Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. After her fiance, Bentley Douglas Taylor III, dumps her, then Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. A Garden In The Rain (MacLeod series Book 8) by [Kurland, Lynn. Patrick MacLeod is haunted by his past, by events he had no control over and wishes desperately he could change. He hasn’t the heart for love, nor the time for . Lynn Kurland tells the story of Patrick MacLeod—the first MacLeod to discover the secrets of his ancestral land. Patrick MacLeod is haunted by his past.

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Lynn Kurland is beloved for her portrayals kurand the time-traveling MacLeod family of Scotland. Various family members have traveled to modern-day Scotland from their home in the 13th century Highlands. One by one, each found love in their new place in time and, if this book is any indication, Ms.

A Garden in the Rain | The MacLeod Family | Lynn Kurland

Kurland has tne her large following for very good reason. In the hands of the wrong author, this premise could be painful, but instead, the author strikes a good balance between the absurd and the poignant to create a very touching story.

Madelyn Phillips is caught in the middle of the ultimate traveling nightmare.

After losing her job and her condo in Seattle, she arrives in Scotland for her carefully planned dream trip. Adding insult to injury, he steals her clothing and passport, causes her rental car to be repossessed, and follows her around as she sightsees in an attempt to ruin her trip and mold her to his will. What a catch he would have been! Fortunately for Madelyn, she has lynnn knight in shining armor.


A Garden in the Rain by Kurland, Lynn | Penguin Random House South Africa

gadren Patrick feels so protective of her that even puts aside his work as a bodyguard kulrand order to spend time showing her around. The mix of humor and mutual awkwardness as Patrick, the man who thought he had built a wall around his heart, and the newly jilted Madelyn grow to care about each other is tender and mixed with a sort of tongue-in-cheek humor.

Patrick MacLeod is an enjoyable character. He is determined to craft a life for himself and watching him grow as he comes to know, trust, and eventually love Madelyn is one of the strong points of this novel.

While not entirely TSTL, she is lynh several vertebrae short of a full spine. Kurlajd are some situations in which her insecurities and hideous judgment would seem natural, but the reader is supposed to believe that Madelyn, a fearsome litigator Harvard-trained, rxin less who steadily rose to the top at her law firm back in Seattle, is the same Madelyn who had the supremely bad judgment to get involved with a rat.

What further strains credulity is that her ex is painted as being so obviously dreadful that anyone who comes into brief contact with him can easily discern his sliminess, and yet the supposedly brilliant Madeleyn fell for him. The reader is also expected to accept that Madelyn is such a helpless sheep that she cannot secure her own belongings in a hotel room, control her own credit card, or even keep up with her passport. Throughout the story, Madelyn also toys with idea that rxin would like nothing better than to chuck her law career and simply let a man perhaps Patrick take care of her.


As an attorney myself, I must say I found this plot twist unbelievable and even vaguely offensive.

The sort of people who are dedicated enough to go through seven grueling years of college and law school at a top university usually are not inclined to suddenly decide to chuck it all and let themselves become so incredibly passive. Changing fields, or even becoming a gsrden homemaker, would have rung true, but the clinging vine tendency simply was not realistic. In many ways, Madelyn seemed more retro than most historical heroines. Kurland is a vivid writer and the x of humor and sincere emotion in her dialogue is absolutely wonderful.

A Garden in the Rain

She crafts an engrossing story here with a truly sympathetic hero and an entertaining supporting cast. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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