John Barth’s titular short story, ‘Lost in the Funhouse’, from his subversive short- story collection Lost in the Funhouse, is an overt example of the theories. Lost in the Funhouse by John Barth. BACKGROUND. John Barth is best known for his wit and clever use of language. He wrote short stories like “Lost in the. LOST IN THE FUNHOUSEby John Barth, John Barth is no doubt best known as a novelist, but his one collection of short stories, Lost in the Funhouse.

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This is not a perfect series by any means and never meant to, especially with all those literary gymnastics, most of which ended in a nasty fall. Unlike lovers like Peter and Magda, Ambrose and the narrator are not capable of losing themselves in the play of reflection: And that, of course, is part of the joke; that Barth would go to such trouble to conceal from us, yet provide all the clues to the discovery of, an essentially meaningless fact.

Then he wishes he were dead. Lost in the Funhouse was my true gateway drug into the vein of postmodernism. Or, perhaps, I just don’t remember, or perhaps I am dreaming I lived a life where I didn’t meet Barth. Confused and separated from the others, Ambrose takes a wrong turn and loses his way.

Lost in the Funhouse |

Several stories were written with intention to be consumed in non-traditional manner–for example “Autobiography” should be received via a recording while the author sits silent next to it. The Babysitter — Robert Coover Astonishingly creepy ih exciting; he takes a stock horror story situation — babysitter menaced by house intruder — and chops it all up into fragments of time; quite a simple method which touches of genius sometimes are.

John Barth is no doubt best known as a novelist, but his one collection of short stories, Lost in the Funhouse: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Had either looked up he would have seen his reflection! Barth began his career with The Floating Opera and The End of the Road, two short novels that deal wittily with controversial topics, suicide and abortion respectively.


You’ve pretty much guaranteed that only English majors will want to read this book of course, it’s hard to imagine your average James Patterson fan enjoying John Barth [Wait a minute there, aren’t you supposed to be some sort of postmodernist? Then he wishes he were dead. Still he must find his way out himself.

One way minimalism can be defined is the manner in which an author will provide the barest descriptions and ask the funhluse to fill in the blanks. No mistake here, I checked the galley-proofs: The essay later came to be seen by some as an early description of postmodernism.

Lost in the Funhouse by John Barth

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. This book is sort of loosely linked stories. I believe that John Barth’s “experimental novel” was a failure from beginning to end.

On an earlier occasion, she is the girl who provides Ambrose with his first and unsatisfying sexual experience as part of a game. I’m not the author. But the ideas behind the stories are powerful and force you to approach ficton in a new way.

The imagery the funhouse mirrors, which Barth revisits through repeated phrases in the story and the keen eye for detail Ambrose wonders if he could see forever in the funhouse mirrors by using a periscope, thus employing the imagery of the Second World War that hangs over every scene in the story enable the it to rise above his constant infatuation with the seams in the narrative.


At one point my wife interrupted me to ask what I was reading, so I told her. Sure, Hte on a On Night a Traveler is perhaps more lighthearted and accessible–but, hell, if you’re not educated enough to know the Iliad and the Odyssey then you probably don’t want to read any Pomo novels anyway.

Lost in the Funhouse

And all the good will that he earns from so beautifully crafting a story like “Lost in the Funhouse,” he wastes on “Menelaiad. Funhluse was a machine that stamped your name around a white-metal coin with a star in the middle: The analysis of this particular story is much more interesting in my humble opinion.

The authors of metafiction have the smallest number of bloody noses per page compared with all other genres. No heritage to contribute. Jan 20, Franco Santos rated it really liked it Shelves: The first action was reading the book. Pastiche — In postmodern literature, pasting together various genres or styles.

So, the way I read LitF is not as discrete stories but as a curated set which read together comprise a “work,” if not a novel of sorts.

And who takes DFW seriously when he says those unnice things about our Barth-man? I could cross-reference other people’s reviews, make a nod to how Aidan or Darwin8U the only of my friends who have reviewed this book did or express surprise that Paul liked it, but that wouldn’t have the effect I’m going ln here, because again, nobody would be surprised by that. But this is hardly a concern.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are straightforward tales; as Barth later remarked, they “didn’t know they were novels. I argue that the.

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