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Checkout the [ LM calculator ] for more information. With a heat sink, you can easily run 1A to 1.

This page was last modified on 2 Juneat Manufacturer datashdet typically recommend a uF decoupling capacitor be placed between output and ground to smooth the output, and give voltages clean enough for TTL operation amongst other dataeheet. Get a bag of Ohm resistors and then a handful of other values and you will be able to output 5V, 3. Feel free to list prices and specs of the ones you discover and like to use.


The nice thing about the PTH plated through hole regulators, you can insert them directly into a bread board and you can heat sink these babies with nice TO bolt-on type heat sink. Electrical isolation is usually required for multiple regulators on the same heatsink — a LM adjacent to a LM on a heatsink with dataeheet output tabs connected is a short circuit through the heatsink, causing high current and failure.

LM Datasheet PDF – Unspecified1

Input voltages should be at least 2V above output, and can range up to 30V. Privacy policy About OpenCircuits Disclaimers. In the case of variable regulators, the larger the voltage drop, the larger the thermal output is.

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If you need an output voltage higher than the input voltage, you need a switching regulator — it can’t be done with a simple linear voltage regulator. A voltage regulator is an Integrated Circuits that converts “unregulated” input power into “regulated” output power at a fixed constant voltage.


Don’t be afraid of using the variable regulators. Retrieved from ” http: The datasheets vary by vendor but most are similar if not datasueet. Heatsinking is strongly recommended for regulators, currents of Standard through-hole regulators typically come in TO packages for low current, and TO-3P packages for currents above 1.

Views Read View source View history. Heatsinking is typically easy, dafasheet note that regulators may or may not have a ‘hot’ tab, with the output electrically connected to the heatsinking tab, particularly in the case of older TO-3 metal can regulators.