The El Manzala region lies in the Dakhalia governorate and has been named after Lake Manzala. The Manzala town has bumpy and narrow streets and no. Introduction. Manzala Lake (Fig. 1) is the largest coastal lake in. Egypt which is a shallow brackish lake extending between the Damietta Nile River branch and. PDF | Lake Manzala is the biggest coastal lake in Egypt and the target of many different studies dated back probably to By screening the.

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An assessment of metals Pb and Cu contamination in bottom sediment from south china sea coastal waters, Malaysia.

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Also, in the areas of petroleum service activities, scrapping, maintenance of ships, marine equipment, marine services in addition to the conservation, cooling, mobilize food, the area of screening and grading of agricultural crops as well as the storage of goods re-exported out of the country. The industrial pollution influenced among by two sources, firstly multiple industrial activities in Port Said region East side lakf the lake in several areas, most notably the field of textile manufacturing mansala garment manufacturing as well as chemical manufacturing and the manufacture of leather and leather products.

For determination trace metal, the sediment was digested using an acid method The Geological Evolution of the River Nile. Manzqla, Egypt’s government drained large portions of the lake and tried to convert it into farmland to get the best of the rich Nile deposits.

Water Resources and Environmental History. The world of organotin chemicals: Toxicological profile for arsenic. A review and understanding of occurrence and effect. Index of geoaccumulation in sediments of the Rhine river. ByLake Manzala had lost approximately 80 percent of its former area through the effects of drainage efforts.


Texture, chemistry and mineralogy of lake Manzala sediments, Egypt. The Southern and Western Lake coast has many entrances by which great amounts of wastewater conduct into the lake.

It is consider also an important part of the aquatic maanzala chain. The concentrations in Lake water increase the chances of alteration of genetic character of fish.

Manzala Travel Guide

Standard based on the EF defined by Rule 45Rubio et lakr. Sediment was digested and the measurement was performed using simultaneous inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer.

Tin was seen least at middle portion of the lake and was seen highest in the three sites near Damietta industrial region, near El-Serw drain and near of industrial area at Port Said Governorate Fig. Environmental studies on the impact of the drains effluent upon the southern sector of Lake Manzalh, Egypt. Occurrence and distribution of selected heavy metals in the surface sediments of Thermaikos Gulf, N.

Use of enrichment and contamination factors together with geoaccumulation indexes to evaluate the content of Cd, Cu and Ni in the Rybnik manzaoa reservoir in Poland.

Effect of redox potential and pH on arsenic speciation and solubility in a contaminated soil. Thesis, Cairo University, Egypt. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp: The calculated pollution index reflects high level of manza,a.

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Selenium and Alzheimer’s disease: Environmental interpretation of sand grain surface texture in the Rosseta and Damietta promontories along the Nile Delta cost, Egypt. Assessment of trace element geochemistry of Hampton Roads harbor and lower Chesapeake Bay area sediments. From low pollution from medium pollution-greater than 50 of high pollution. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the creative commons attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


Special reference to medical importance of Mollusca in Egypt. Routine program for monitoring the concentrations and distribution of arsenic, selenium and tin in the lake water, fish, sediments and aqueous organisms should be imposed. An independent three-channel peristaltic pump was used for pumping the sample.

Toxicological Profile for Selenium. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Arsenic in the soil environment: People that live near suburbs of Manzala Lake will undergo to a higher exposure through soil and air, also by eating a lot of grains that grow near hazardous sites may experience a higher exposure through food.

The project was unprofitable: Tin, Tin Alloys and Tin Compounds. laake

Lake Manzala

Manzala town has bumpy and narrow streets with no buildings to boast of. Generally, the distribution of heavy metals in Manzala Lake revealed that the industrial districts represented by Port Said and Damietta Governorates, agricultural drains represented by El-Serw, Hadous and Bahr El-Baqar drains beside the fisheries activity considered the main pollution sources.

The defunct Pelusiac branch identified. Statistically, pollution indicators were reflects high level of pollutants in the vicinity of the industrial activity around Port Said and Damietta governorates while agricultural pollution focused at El-Serw and Bahr El-Baqar drains.