There are also instructions for accessing the SVN server. This section contains the latest development release version, version directly using or navigate through the source code cross-reference via Doxygen documentation. ChangeLog, , [ ], NEWS, , 53K , , K. [ ], userguidezip. Please ensure that you use boxes from releases greater or equal for correct .. was ‘false’ if not defined in the config although userguide mentioned ‘true’.

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This option just dump all known config groups and options to stdout. Fixed memory leaks for concat message handling. Added EMI2 specific configuration directives ‘notification-pid’ and ‘notification-addr’.

Index of /download//gateway/doc/userguide

HTTP basic authentication can be used now for sms-service jannel. Added new command line parameters for daemons all boxes: Changes since version 1. DLRs may be stored to external storage. Otherwise there is no chance for back-end applications, like smsbox to decide what type of number it is. MWI message waiting indicator message support added.

AT2 fixed double-increment bug for outgoing messages counter. Flash SMS support added. The pre-installed configuration calls http: After launching kill command on Bearerbox to pause a queue e. See ChangeLog for detailed information.

You probably want to review the license. This allows spreading load from one smsbox to several bearerbox instances. The pre-installed configuration is a 2 SMPP server load-balancing conf.


Changes since version 0. Supported document types are SL guiee SI. Fixed security and race condition issue in HTTP module for keep-alive connections.

Added bearerbox HTTP admin command ‘reload-lists’ to allow re-loading of the ‘[white black]-list’ on the fly. Also free buffer on error. Kanbel in this area is still needed. Fixed segfault in logging module for permission errors. New config directives ‘default-smsc’ for ppg group and ‘forced-smsc’ and ‘default-smsc’ for wap-push-user group have been added. Fixed ISO date handling.

Supported document types are SL and SI. CIMD2 harmonized ‘my-number’ directive, this makes ‘sender-prefix’ obsolete, interpretation of ‘keepalive’ is now in seconds instead of minutes. These are useful when Kannel is linked again additional proprietary modules.

Fixed FreeBSD build procedure. MacOS X support improved for configure process. Fixed a bug in the smsbox routing behavior of bearerbox. URLs can be set on a per-message request basis and hence semantics of the message ID is kept by the requesting application. Pre-defined sets from the configuration may be send or individual sets using a GET request parameter.

Kannel: Download Page

See User Guide for more details. They used to always be plain text. Added WTLS provisioning support. PostgreSQL support added for database pools. Fixed wrong length calculation for concatenated messages. Later, when you want to check whether there have been changes, do the following: EMI2 login operation 60 had a hard timeout of 30 sec.

It also supports udh.


Index of /download/1.5.0/gateway-1.5.0/doc/userguide

Gukde sendsms interface also accepts POST requests in this format. Don’t panic if there is no “default” sms-service. New features Added DLR support for redis.

Fixed make process bug for Solaris 2. This allows to iannel arbitrary external code and pass the output as reply to the message sender.

In addition to the normal SVN client, you can browse the SVN repository directly using or navigate through the source code cross-reference via Doxygen documentation. DLR support for the AT2 module has been added.

smpp_gateway_reference [FOXBOX DOCS Official documentation]

Fixed various MIME type handling bugs. Browse documentation on-line SVN access to source code You can look at the kajnel development version of the sources directly from our subversion control system. Some fixes in HTTP keep-alive handling logic that causes our client to keep the connection up, even while the server has asked to drop it.

Added directives ‘http-request-retry’ and ‘http-queue-delay’ for HTTP request kannl for sms-service ‘get-url’ and ‘post-url’ services. Development news Major reconstruction will take place in the development branch. BSD-style as before with some more restrictions to the name “Kannel” and usage of it.

Added smsbox support to listen to specific interfaces.