Jean-Baptiste Willermoz was born on July 10, in Lyon. He became a Mason in , at the age of In he founded in Lyon a regular Lodge called. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz. The Elected officials Coëns. Since , the masonic course of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz takes a watershed, when it is allowed in the. Jean-Baptiste Willermoz became a freemason in , when he was 20 in a lodge which operated under the auspices of the Strict Observance. In he.

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Willermoz was educated at the Trinity School of Lyons. So shall also your Heart be your King, and its laws your Law.

As such he was initiated at the age of 20 and became Venerable Master of his lodge at Give thanks, and never forget the infinite possibilities of Rebirth and Regeneration. Especially those you call your own. Then, if the borders of your kingdom should open, and should your heart choose to bapptiste these borders of your empire, and should your heart be set ablaze and partake with the hearts of other Men, then you will see that all nations stem back to one common source.

But, wiillermoz the revelation of your true Being be reserved for those you find worthy.

Sépulture de Jean-Baptiste Willermoz – Picture of Cimetiere de Loyasse, Lyon

Those who search for the Science of Great Work by which man would find the wisdom and practices of early Christianity to which he wlllermoz subscribed Owing to disagreements within the Rite of Strict Observance, Willermoz organized in July the convent of Wilhelmsbad where 33 delegates attended in Europe and saw willermos the creation of the Rectified Scottish Rite There he defended the place of Martinist currents in the rite, through the delegacy of Joseph de Maistre who sent his famous Memorandum to the Duke of Brunswick.


Forgive your enemy; for you cannot revenge what he has done to himself. If your heart should ulcerate by insults, real or imaginary, or harbor secret enmity against one of your brothers, dissipates immediately the cloud that rises. Issued on Fine Art Paper. The result of many years of research. Those who think that the purpose of Masonry is to make the Philosopher’s Stone. During this important meeting, one attends a retreat of the claims templiers.

We have seen that the Elus-cohen had not officially resumed their Work. You are commenting using your WordPress. When the State of Men is thus erected in the name of truth, you shall cherish its legitimate authority on the corner of the earth that you live. Thus you will never tremble; neither before the eyes of men, nor before the throne of God.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. And when you have attained the glorioustitle of Sacred, Free, Happy and Constant, you will walk on this earth the equal of Kings, the benefactor of men and as an example haptiste your brothers and sisters in the fellowship of humanity. You are commenting using jeqn Facebook account. Humble yourself in the living Logos, the Word in Extension, and bless Providence that you were born in a time and a place where the path of illumination should lie open for you.

They were together four long and serious talks, each of which did not last less than five hours. He was the oldest of 12 children. Call to your aid the Unknown paraclete; and ask for its fraternal mediation; but never pass the threshold of the Temple before having banished any feeling of hatred and revenge. The transaction is done in euros, then your baptiset automatically makes the conversion in your currency at the rate willwrmoz the day.


We will undertake delivery for you, with a message from you and a small supplementary gift from us.

Leave your pride, treasures and decorations at the door of our Temple, and come as you are: Your time for travels is short; use it well, and use it now! Worried about the eventual outbreak of the Revolution, he hid in Ain, in a house belonging to his brother Pierre-Jacques, taking with him his extensive Masonic archive. Therefore, let your right hand be open to all Beings in the sign of fraternal sincerity.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. He is credited not only for securing the survival of martinism within the C.

Sépulture de Jean-Baptiste Willermoz – Picture of Cimetiere de Loyasse, Lyon – TripAdvisor

The Initiate forgets all insults; but never any recompenses. Cultivate it therefore; whether by instruction, advice, protection or reliefs. Beware of believing baptkste this commitment is less sacred than any other oath, word, deed or thought that you profess; for all your actions are a reflection of the honor and uprightness of your being.

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