James W. Laine In this study Laine looks not at Shivaji directly, but at the stories that have been told Related reviews: books about India + Indian history. India News: The Supreme Court has upheld the decision of the Bombay HC to lift the ban on the book by US author James Laine, which. Read the full-text online edition of Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India (). James Laine traces the origin and development if the Shivaji legend from the earliest Full access to this book and over 94, more; Over 14 million journal, .

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Along with stories of his birth and boyhood, key episodes include the killing of Afzal Khan, the encounter om Shaista Khan, the escape from Agra, and his coronation. He argues that this relationship involved a variety of compromises and strategies, from conflict to accommodation to nuanced collaboration. Of course, it is far easier to shoot the messenger, and particularly if, as is syivaji case of James Laine, he is a foreigner, rather than actually find the persons who crack such jokes.

The legends of shivaju life have become an epic story that everyone in western India knows, and an important part of the Hindu nationalists’ ideology. Wrong title given to book, this is not Islamic India.

To verify, just follow the link in the message.

A Place at the Multicultural Table: But if the history is written by non-Brahmin including SaraswatsShivaji is shown as an independent-minded person who took his own decisions.

The legends of his life have become an epic story that everyone in western India knows, and an important part of Thus, as Laine points outs, Dalits see him as the champion of the outcastes because he was one king who employed their services in his fight against his enemies; Hindutva historians see him merely as a Hindu king ranged against Muslims, seeking to establish a Hindu swarajya; Marathas see him only as their foremost leader who fought Muslim rulers on one side and Brahmin bigotry on the other side; while Brahmins have written about Shivaji as a king who achieved greatness because he was guided by Brahmin sant and advisors.


It has been withdrawn from the Indian market and banned in Maharashtra, while a scholar was assaulted and the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Pune ransacked just because of mentions in Laine’s acknowledgements. Please do not sell this kind of books online. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh leave for first vacation after marriage, look incredible as they twin in black. In that, it is a scholarly attempt that looks at how Shivaji is portrayed in the various history books.

Supreme Court lifts ban on James Laine’s book on Shivaji | India News – Times of India

Shivaji is undeniably a scholarly work, however, and few of Laine’s critics have engaged with its actual content. Nowhere in the book is Laine derogatory about Shivaji or the Marathas; if anything, it was laudable that an American professor based in the US should spend so boom time and energy on writing about a man who founded the Maratha nation and is hailed by virtually all Maharashtrians, regardless lainf their caste, and who foreign scholars find so interesting jzmes study.

Thus, Brahmin historians tend to gloss over how Shivaji had to undergo purification rites before being crowned chhatrapati to overcome the objections of Brahmins in the 17 th century. Supreme Court lifts ban on James Laine’s book on Shivaji. Moreover, the stories of their bravery were nowhere near as good. Laine No preview available – That, too, would have been funny were it not so sad.

James Laine – Wikipedia

The apex court upheld the decision of the Bombay High Court to lift the ban on the book by American author James Lainewhich, according to the state government, contained material promoting social enmity.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Laine has produced an analysis of the dispute. By studying the evolution of the Shivaji legend, Laine demonstrates, we can trace the development of such constructions in both pre-British and post-colonial periods.

And i requesting to all other coustomers who want to buy this book please do not buy this book. His primary concern is to discover the meaning of Shivaji’s life for those who have composed-and those who have read-the legendary accounts of his military victories, his daring escapes, his relationships with saints.


Faculty page at Macalester College: He defied Mughal power in the seventeenth century, established an independent kingdom, and had himself crowned in an orthodox Hindu ceremony. Shivaji is a well-known hero in western India.

The real tragedy is these people think they are the successors of Shivaji. Looking at “cracks in the narrative”, Laine explores the things left out of traditional stories — and what these absences show about the concerns of those who produced them. The book does no such thing.

Have doubts regarding this product? The Shivaji stories have played a key role in the construction of “Islam” and “Hinduism” in Maharashtra.

James Laine’s book does not denigrate Shivaji

Different sub-groups, representing a range of religious persuasions, found it in their advantage to accentuate or diminish the sihvaji of Hindu and Muslim identity and the ideologies that supported the construction shicaji such identities. The state government had approached the apex court after the High Court had in lifted the ban on the book on the petition filed by advocate Sanghraj Rupawate, documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan and social activist Kunda Pramila. In the process, he paints a new and more complex picture of Hindu-Muslim relations from the seventeenth century to the present.

To read Shivaji’s legend bookk is to find expression of deeply held convictions about what Hinduism means and how it is opposed to Islam. Ranade wedded his story to bhakti “devotion”. Trending Videos day workout plan for New Year that’s actually doable Tapas Nair 10 Mar, All of them are objecting to one particular line in what is otherwise a very fine book and one that should be read by all those who jamex the memory of Shivaji.

Different sub-groups, representing a range of religious persuasions, found it in their advantage to accentuate or diminish the importance of Hindu and Muslim identity and the ideologies that supported the construction of such identities.