As Chuck shares in his article, the Issachar tribe “understood time and could interpret the Word of God in time.” We need the Issachar anointing. We need the Issachar anointing to know what God is doing in the earth and how we fit into that plan. Where are we in the Scriptures? What is being fulfilled in. Buy The Issachar Anointing: Read 19 Kindle Store Reviews –

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God is a God of time and season. The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 12 vs 32 thus: These are profound words.

Chuck Pierce: Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

They are also words meant for a season like this in the life of every child of God. Success is not happenstance, it is “timestance”. It is not a matter of grandstandingamointing is a matter of understanding! Understanding is the roadmap of life, the food of success and the pillar of every promotion. If God is a God of time and season, success cannot come for those who don’t have an understanding of such time and season.

The children of Issachar succeeded phenomenally because they had understanding of the times. They dominated their generation.

They lived above errors and their glory is still being celebrated till today. You can have such a profile! But you need to have an understanding of the times. Young people must know when to read their books; marry, get serious with God and pursue things that are beyond reproach. Older people must know what their ages call for and pursue substance and not shadow. In our careers, ministries, marriages and other engagements of life, understanding of times is crucial. What do we mean by this understanding of times?


It means perception, penetration and planning as a result of insight and foresight.

Late Chinua Achebe said this in one issacahr his books: A sensible man does not run after little rats when his age mates are running after bigger games! This is a literary description of understanding. Knowing what to do at the right time. This time calls for prayers; restraint; vigilance; quietness; bridge-building; word-study; self-examination; anointinb courage and joyful disposition.

It calls for active engagement of the Holy Spirit in our walk with God. It demands laying “aside every weight, and the sin which doth so anointin beset us It calls for sobriety and separation unto the Lord. The world is competitive but your understanding will make you beat every competition. How can you get this? Ask God in prayers; study the word of God deeply, give blindly to the things of God; cultivate useful relationships and keep an open mind about everything and everyone.

Your mind will open into the possibilities of God within and around you in Jesus’ name. God of understanding, all glory and honour belong to you in Jesus’ name.

Father, unveil your new glory and wonders in my life in Jesus’ name. By the Holy Ghost, inaugurate me ahointing your full benefits in Jesus’ name. Lord Jesus, open the palace for my sake and anoimting me on the throne in your holy name.

Power to read divine handwritings on the wall, fall upon me in Jesus’ name. Lord of lords, honour me with your depth and understanding in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit, upgrade my perception and sharpen my focus on you in Jesus’ name. Make me thirst after understanding every moment of my life in Jesus’ name.


I shall walk on the carpet anointinh understanding all my life in Jesus’ name. Lord, give me the rod of understanding in Jesus’ name. I shall not operate below my potentials in Jesus’ name. Lord, grant me actions that match your expectations of me in Jesus’ name. I exchange my spirit for the spirit of understanding in Jesus’ name.

The Issachar Anointing.

Power cooking foolishness into destinies, I’m not your candidate in Jesus’ name. Holy Ghost, raise a standard against anointjng and wrong judgment in my life in Jesus’ name.

Lord, certify me with understanding and satisfy me with your blessings in Jesus’ name. Let the eraser of understanding wipe off the errors of my past in Jesus’ name. Lord, make me a child of Issachar in my generation in Jesus’ name.

Topic: The Issachar Anointing.

Arrange time and season to favour me in all things in Jesus’ name. I shall not miss my appointed time in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord for opening an account of understanding for me in heaven in Jesus’ name. Pastor Dele Oyewale June 1st, Call Us Now on: Clik to Get Our Sermon.