Interplater hd85 thermal pdf. Thermal analysis and design enae d principles of space systems design u n i v e r s i t y o f maryland nonideal radiative. Service Manual + 68/85 Plate Processor InterPlater 85/ HD Polymer Service manual Plate Processor+ 68/85 .. Cleaning of developer heating element. Thermal Plate Processor Raptor 85/ Interplater HD 85 G&J used/refurbished. Glunz Jensen Interplater Plate Processor Model Perfect Condition.

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The directions given must not be followed by unauthorized personnel. Always read the Safety Instruction Manual part Innterplater before installing or operating the equipment. This manual is published by: Notes, cautions, and warnings! Throughout the interrplater notes, cautions, and warnings are written in bold like the example below: Other manuals Please see description of “Manuals available for the plate processor” later in this chapter. The installation procedure is described later in this manual.

All disposal of parts from the machine must be made according to local regulations with special regards to following parts: Alternatively the PVC can be incinerated at a suitable incinerating plant. A1 Main power distribution. A-2 Fuse panel and interlocks. A-2 Motors and internal bus wiring. A-4 24V DC distribution. A-6 V AC control devices. A-6 Low voltage wiring. A-8 Sensors and control devices. G 0-A mbe urs Ho Nu. T y che ort rol cle 1. De ry ani citric Agfaclean led. Gu ation e s pum cul and Impor pip gum cir sh.

S8 type essor X proc XX. In addition the service technicians will need the manuals listed opposite as “User Manuals”. Processor Service Manual 1 Language: CE Declaration of Conformity 4 Language: Survey of the directives to which the products conform Safety Instruction Manual 5 Language: Operating and cleaning procedures in cartoon version. Control Panel user manual 7 Contents: Batteries No batteries in this equipment. End of life Estimated product life: Spare parts and service period: Recycling The processor should be disposed at a intreplater appliance recycling centre or processing centre.

Products | Glunz & Jensen

Recycling Passport with specifications of components and materials used in this processor is available on integplater. Packaging Plastic packaging materials are marked according to ISO Noise emission Acoustical noise according to ISO Temperatures 68 85 Developer min.

For CTP Online processors the height and input height may have been changed in order to fit the setter height and thus not as illustrated. Installation Installation hours How many working hours are planned for the installation? Installation hours for off-line machine: Standard installation hours for on-line machine: Customer training hours How many working hours are planned for training the customer? The recommended minimum free space around the machine is specified in the illustration below.


See power outlet and fusing requirements later in this manual. Cleaning facilities It is essential to have easy access to a sink and a water tap with hot water where rollers, guides, and brushes can be washed. The minimum recommended size of the sink is: Drain connections ” Never lead drain hoses from the developer section to a drain, as most developers are strong pollutants and it is strictly forbidden to empty this type of chemistry into the public sewer system.

Therefor plastic or rubber is recommended. Check with the chemicals supplier for details. Installation kit Installation- and spareparts kits are included with the processor. They comprise the different parts necessary to make the installation and some key components as spareparts.

See the packing list s delivered with the equipment for further information. Transport through narrow doorways Dependent on the width of the door s through which the processor has to be transported to the installation site, the Service Technician may have to perform the actions described in the table below: Removing the fenders and stand panels In order to make the installation it will be necessary to remove covers, lids, left fender, and the stand panels from the processor: See illustration on the following page.

The boxes need to be removed from the pallet before lifting up the processor from the pallet. Alternatively a forklift truck is recommended.

Please note that processor without rollers, brushes, and heat sink model 68 weights app. Make sure to lift the processor out of the holes 3 when lifting it down the hc85.

Transport security interplated During transportation many of the inferplater outside and inside the processor have been secured using tape, plastic, strips, and various pieces thetmal sponge rubber. Make sure to remove all items. Do not rely on the floor being absolutely in level.

Level out the processor lengthwise by placing a spirit level on the left 4 and right 5 tank side. Level out the processor crosswise by placing the spirit level on the guide 6 at thermzl entrance of the dryer section. Level out the processor by placing the spirit level inside the preheat 7or between the preheat and the prewash tank.

It is necessary to control the level at the preheat also and adjust if necessary Check leveling in all 4 inyerplater and make final inteerplater if required. The processor is Class 1 equipment. It must therefore be connected to earth to avoid electrical shocks. If using automatic circuit breakers, make sure they are Type D.

InterPlater 85/ HD Thermal | Glunz & Jensen

When selecting a tnermal type take the following into account: The operator may step onto cable. Provide for additional cable protection, e.


The main power connection must be made in the field-wiring box located on the left side of the processor next to the electronic cabinet.

Before operating the processor you may need to perform a rewiring to match your local supply voltage. Lead the cable as shown below. Connect conductors in power cord to terminals: This might represent a hazard during servicing.

Mount red, thermap and brown wire in terminal 1.

InterPlater 85/135 HD Thermal

No adjustments or modifications are available on these units. The LED is located near the 24 Vdc output connector. Cable for connection to a stacker is placed underneath the dryer section. Unpack the cable and connect it to the stacker see also the stacker manual.

When the cable is not in use, please reel it and secure the receptacle away from liquid and readily accessible areas. Conveyor connection Not all models accessory equipment. See the description for stacker connecting above. To mount the handshower please follow the description below and the illustration opposite.

As shown in the figure below the hose must be connected between the water tap and the water inlet solenoid valve located to the left, when standing in front of the processor, underneath the processor. For more information about the cooling unit please consult the cooler unit manual. Adjustment of the lid switches may be needed after leveling of the processor.

Loosen the screws 1 and adjust the actuator 2 sidewards until it fits smoothly 3 into the switch 4. Labels with roller configuration T Mounting of rollers Inside the top cover is mounted a label showing the roller configuration. Install the rollers as shown on the label. Install the rollers standing on the left side of the processor.

Delivered with the processor is a tool for installation of brush rollers. Installation and adjustment of brush rollers are described in chapter 3 in the processor service manual. The exit table is mounted from the factory and prepared for slanted position A. Follow the description below when mounting the supports for position A. If straight position B is wanted please follow the description for B.

Be careful to hold on to the exit guide when removing the screws. Do not let is slip down behind the rear panel. Move the exit guide a little upwards and mount the 4 screws in the lower holes of the guide 6.