Infinite Intelligence mistakenly names Meher Baba as the author and has numerous other serious problems. Infinite Intelligence has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. As stated in the Foreword by Meherwan Jessawala: This book plumbs the depths of esoteric. One Infinite Intelligence is omnipresent, abiding in and pervading the Universal Infinite False Mind, the individual infinite false minds, and the gross and subtle.

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The Supplement addresses the uncertain history of the notebooks, as shown above.

intelligehce Infinite Intelligence looks and feels like a textbook; the fatiguing Supplement is scripture by pedants. Neither the Missing Book nor original notes have been found.

They then publish their work as a gauche coffee-table book on physics. Figure 17 transforms two simple lists into an abstraction that depends entirely on the key to impart any meaning. A final absurdity is that the lower half of Figure 5 looks like a smiley face.

At this juncture on folio 49 of Notebook I, a wavy horizontal line seems to mark a section division.

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Nowhere in either of those instruments does Baba direct anybody to change His published words or to attribute to Him material He did not write. Michael Harden added it Sep 28, Assumptions Behind Rewriting the Notebooks. Elsewhere the editors write: If Einstein had given a lecture innotes taken by an unknown person would be intellkgence as historical documents. In presenting this body of ideas, the point of view in Infinite Intelligence as All in All again, to speak somewhat impressionistically seems to be that of Infinite Intelligence Itself looking directly at the phenomenology of creation and describing the dynamics and structures that make its illusion possible.


Summary of Infinite Intelligence Primer

Assumptions Behind Rewriting the Notebooks The general public cannot understand the notebooks. On focusing exclusively on the intellectual difficulty of the notebooks, the editors are trying to create a monopoly of knowledge that is unnecessary in the first place.

There is too much going on to cram into shapes and colors. A recurrent problem in the redrawn versions is the use of keys to associate terms with graphical elements. The original figures associate explanatory words with lines, arcs, circles, and other graphical elements. However, in addition to the underlying problem of exiling the explanatory words from the graphical elements, the key is inadequate.

How can Infinite Knowledge know ignorance? He also traveled widely, held itelligence gatherings and enga Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar, God in human form. Each of these categories has big problems.

From 10 July to the end of his life, Meher Baba maintained silence, communicating by means of an alphabet board or by unique hand gestures.

The Supplement includes a brief excerpt to demonstrate why the notebooks invinite to be rewritten. By focusing exclusively on the intellectual difficulty of the notebooks, the editors are trying to create a monopoly of knowledge that is unnecessary in the first place. Excerpts from Infinite Intelligence about The General Public The last section of the essay explains editorial philosophy and practice.


Infinite Intelligence

Intellience rated it it was amazing Mar 30, God as Infinite Intelligence. Open Preview See a Problem? The text itself is written in a fair and fluent hand. The Nothing and the Everything was published in Even then, this vaguely entomological mandala only partially depicts the complicated movements of consciousness it is meant to show. It is only now being released after a long and meticulous editing process detailed in an academically rigorous supplemental essay.

With his mandali circle of discipleshe spent long periods in seclusion, during which time he often fasted. Mind implies thinking or consciousness.

Infinite Intelligence – Meher Baba – Google Books

But the real harm lies in the fragmentation of information. There is no evidence that Baba saw them. Heather rated it it was amazing Mar 27, Trivia About Infinite Intellig BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 05, Iintelligence original hand-drawn diagram concentrates easily retrievable information in a format that depicts six relationships between three universal spheres and three states of consciousness.

They radically redraw most of the hand-drawn figures in the original notebooks, according to their understanding and best guesses.