INFeD® improved the hemoglobin response to erythropoietic therapy in patients with documented INFeD® full Prescribing Information. Watson Pharma, Inc. 1 mL of INFeD provides 50 mg of elemental iron UpToDate (courtesy of Lexicomp), or the prescribing information. INFeD: INFeD is administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection. Before . during the acute phase of infectious renal disease (manufacturer’s information) . Therefore, the therapeutic prescription use of iron is usually compatible with.

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Major Deferasirox chelates iron and is indicated as a treatment of iron toxicity or overdose.

Iron dextran (INFeD)

Ferritin and transferrin are also recommended monitoring parameters. Supplemental iron may be needed during maintenance therapy to facilitate erythropoiesis. Most patients with chronic kidney disease will require supplemental iron e.

infee Use of iron dextran in infants younger than 4 months of age and neonates is not recommended; there have been reports from other countries of an increased incidence of gram-negative sepsis e. Do not add therapeutic doses of iron dextran to total parenteral nutrition TPN solutions; iron dextran may destabilize the mixture or cause the cracking of the TPN emulsion.

Before administering therapeutic doses, a test dose of 25 mg 0.

In general, do not administer parenteral iron concomitantly with other iron preparations e. Adult and Adolescent menstruating, premenopausal women. Therefore, the therapeutic prescription use of iron is usually compatible with breast-feeding if the lactating mother needs treatment for iron deficiency. Reactions are usually evident within a few minutes of administration; however, observe patients for at least 1 hour after the administration of the test dose before administering the remainder of the therapeutic dose.


Administer supplemental iron therapy when serum ferritin is Fosinopril: The liver is one of the main storage sites for iron, and advanced chronic liver disease may result in excess storage iron in the liver.

Potential alternatives include iron salts, polysaccharide-iron complex, and iron sucrose. Iron dextran is not hemodialyzable.

Iron dextran (INFeD) | – A Hematology Oncology Wiki

The stability of iron dextran in TPN solutions has inforamtion been well established. Iron dextran should be administered to pregnant women only if the benefits outweigh the potential risks to the fetus. Distribution of iron dextran following intramuscular or intravenous injection involves uptake by reticuloendothelial cells of the liver, spleen, and bone marrow.

In the second stage, macrophages ingest the iron dextran and enter the lymphatic informatoon and eventually the blood. Since deferiprone has the potential to bind polyvalent cations e.

Do not administer iron during dimercaprol treatment.

We do not record any personal information entered above. If test dose uneventful, infuse the remainder of the total calculated dose IV over 2 to 6 hours. prewcribing

prescrjbing There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Visually inspect parenteral products for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration whenever solution and container permit. Specific guidelines for dosage adjustments in renal impairment are not available; it appears that no dosage intormation are needed.


Cardiac disease, hypotension, intravenous administration. Observe patient for at least 1 hour after test dose administration. Related Drug Information Drug Summary. If test dose uneventful, give the remainder of the total dose as mg of elemental iron per day IM or slow IV until the total calculated dose is given. Ankylosing spondylitis, asthma, atopy, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus SLE. Patients should be monitored for signs and symptoms of anaphylactic-type reactions during all iron dextran administrations.

If test dose uneventful, give the remainder of the total dose as 25 mg of elemental iron per day IM or slow IV until the total calculated dose needed given. Patients who require parenteral nutrition for prescribinv limited period of time and who are not iron-deficient do not need parenteral iron supplementation.

Give DexFerrum test doses gradually over informattion least 5 minutes. Fatal anaphylactoid reactions have occurred during the parenteral administration of iron dextran. Specific guidelines for informatiln adjustments in hepatic impairment are not available.

Iron supplementation may be needed before and during therapy e. Anemia, hemochromatosis, hemoglobinopathy, hemosiderosis. The first stage involves an inflammatory reaction at the site of injection which aids the passage of the drug into the lymphatic system.