Siddiqui 1 Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North —A Short Essay Ahmed Ibn Fadlan was an Arab traveller from Baghdad, Iraq;. Ibn Fadlan was a 10th-century Arab Muslim traveler, famous for his account of his travels as a . Paul and Caroline Stone (trans.), Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North (London: Penguin Classics, ). The Political Divisions of Eurasia, PENGUIN CLASSICS IBN FADLAN AND THE LAND OF DARKNESS ibn fadlAn’s account of his journey from Baghdad to.

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They were Tarkhan, Inal, 43 and Baghliz. He told them to bring him a darkkness. Inspired by Your Browsing History. But if he sets down his arms to one side and then urinates, they will not attack him. When God, Qnd and All-powerful, wants to unleash them on civilized lands, He causes the Barrier to open and the level of the sea to drop and the fish to vanish. Then the interpreter continued to translate the letter for us, word for word, and when we had finished reading, they pronounced Allahu akbar!

An attempt at conversion One day, we were suffering from the most terrible cold. Their enemy was frightened and turned and fled. Each of them prostrates himself before the great idol, saying to it: When we had eaten, he had brought a kind of mead that they call suju, which had only been fermented one day and one night.

Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness by Ibn Fadlan | : Books

His subsequent account of his travels and the peoples he encountered is one of the most important documents from the period. They fight every evening and have not failed to do so every night since they were first created. This kind of unexpected comment, challenging the received perception of an entire period, demonstrates why the Arabic texts presented in this volume are so valuable. Leia mais Leia menos. These were the Volga Bulgars; another group of Bulgars had moved westward in the 6th century, invading the country that today bears their name, and became Christians.

The king scattered dirhams over his visitors as a sign of welcome; these were probably locally-coined imitation Samanid dirhams, maintaining the weight and purity of the originals. If he recovers and gets well, he comes back to them; if he dies, they burn him. Next, they drew up the boat until it rested on this wooden construction. If we knew what He wanted, we could bring it to Him. He sent him 50 dinars, among which there were many musayyabi dinars, three mithqdls of musk, some pieces of well-tanned leather, two pieces of cloth from Merv, from which we cut out two tunics for him, leather slippers, a brocade robe and five silk garments.


Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness

Arab Travellers in the Far North znd, trans. However, Ibn Fadlan mentions about the river being a freeze in winter time, so it could be possible that Vikings would not wash in freezing water.

You must write to the noble amir, so that he can get in touch with the caliph – may God strengthen him!

They set up a small tent for him at some distance from their dwellings and he stays there until he dies or recovers. The once powerful Khazar khaqanate was not even a memory; the Samanid fadan had come to an end in ; and the Rus had long since merged with the Slavic population and become Orthodox Christians.

We bought Turkish camels and had boats made out of camel skin, 33 to allow us to pass the rivers we needed to cross in the land of the Turks. His appearance frightened me and I had the same feeling of terror as the others. It was the custom that most upset Ibn Fadlan, and was ubiquitous among the peoples of the steppes.

A fragile conversion The first of their kings and chiefs that we met was Inal the Younger. Ibn Rusta on the Saqaliba This is the way they settle the dowry of their women: As a growing number of scholars have observed, there seemed to be a political agreement between the Bulghar king and the Abbasid caliph.

Even if falan were a hundred boats, they could all be filled with every kind of fish from one single canal.

Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North – Ibn Fadlan – Google Books

He is the author of Islam: The people said the Jinn had taken it over and that they could hear their voices. When it strikes a tent, they do not go near it again, but leave it as it is, together with anything that is inside it – men, goods or other things – until time has destroyed them. They wrote to me, informing me that this man was yhe of the people of Gog and Magog. The tumult and noise issued from it and in the cloud were the shapes of men and horses.


The geographer Dimashqi mentions fadlab the caliph Muqtadir sent a faqih to teach the principles of Islam to the recently converted Bulghars, and that afterwards a party of Bulghars came to Baghdad intending to make the pilgrimage to Mecca; this suggests that relations between the envoy from Baghdad and the Bulghars were resolved amicably.

When a man wants to honour another, he prostrates himself before him, and says: Ibn Battuta on a winter journey to New Sarai On Thursday, when they had all arrived, we unfurled the two banners that we had with us, saddled the horse with the saddle which had been sent to the king as a present and dressed the king in black 50 robes and a turban. Then he left the land of the Turks. The river was in flood and had broken its banks.

The people of the region go to a place they know where such trees are, make a cut and with the help of a container collect the sap which is sweeter than honey. They raised her a second time and she did as she had the first and then they set her down again. Ibn Jubayr and Ibn Battuta, the two best-known Arab travellers, followed a different tradition and neither shared the inquiring mind and objectivity of Ibn Fadlan. Then they bore him into the pavilion on the boat and sat him on darkjess mattress, supported by cushions.


It is near the eastern shore of the sea. If someone drinks too much of this liquid, he becomes drunk as if with wine, or landd more so.

He nevertheless made every effort to understand, despite the language barrier, what was going on round him.

They intended to stay only a few days, but the river froze and the weather became too cold to travel. Views Read Edit View history. More rivers We set out again and stopped at the river Jayikh which was the largest we had seen, the most impressive and the swiftest. He began by taking a knife and cutting a piece of meat which he ate, then a second and a third.