of the Rehla had said, ‘ThiB 1 I.e. journey or travelling ; also -written as Rihla. 2 Leo In one of the mosques in Turkistan, Ibn Battuta witnessed a large whip. ابن فتح الله البيلوني) the other by Ibn Fathallah el Beylouny,(ابن جزي الكلبي) Djezy el Kelby. SOI printed by mistake ali i v LJI); the latter I possess.” He tells. A CRITICAL STUDY OF A TRAVELOGUE: RIHLA OF IBN E BATTUTA AND INDIA Ibn e Battuta, a youth of 21, competent and learned expert in law and.

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Interspersed throughout the translation, Rev. University of California Press, The narrative of his travels is a unique account on Islamic and medieval history that was placed by the historians within the rich, trans-hemispheric cultural setting of the history of baftuta medieval world.

Anyone caught with a stolen horse is forced to restore it with nine others; if he cannot do this, his sons are taken instead [27]. Before he set off for India inhe had made pilgrimage trips to Mecca, and had already travelled extensively in West Asia and some ports of East Asia. The Gattuta of Ibn Battuta: This is due to their strict laws against theft.

The thriving cities in s and s were facing another wave of destruction after Mongol invasions. Miller, Susan Gilson, ed. The women of these islands never leave their country. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

He remained for one year in Makkah ubn performed his third Hajj. See our Returns Policy. The merit of Gibb’s version is that it gives a very useful and lengthy introduction on Ibn Battuta’s life, relating for instance to his adoption of an ascetic life, resigning all his offices and giving away all his possessions at some stage, before he was urged into accepting office again by Sultan Muhammad of India and became his envoy at the head of an important mission to the most powerful Emperor of China.


It was written in Arabic and represented the genre of Rihla; the genre of Arabic literature relating travelogue, comprising social and geographical narratives as well.

Ibn Battuta was born in Tangier, part of modern-day Morocco, on February 25, The orthography is quite legible. How Did the World Become Interconnected?

Finally, the Dover edition is aesthetically pleasing and printed on high quality paper. If you’re seeing this message, it rjhla we’re having trouble loading external resources on our website. NIHCR, University of California Press. Viewing monsoon wind suitability he caught dhow again and reached Makkah through riula lands of Oman.

Edited by Tim Mackinstosh-Smith. I experienced a bit of disappointment when I compared this volume, which covers Ibn Batuta’s travels in pages, to the Arabic version I have “Rihla Ibn Batuta” Dar Al Beirut which describes his travels from page 14 to page Because of this discrepancy, his subsequent dating rihoa is highly uncertain.

The two men collaborated for two years, with Ibn Battuta telling his story and drafting notes about it. John Murray, Reprint New York: Arno, Joan and Helen Grady.

Rihla – Wikipedia

Hospitality extended by the governments and also the Muslims to traders and the scholars well versed in the Islamic Sharia as enunciated by Islam eased the routes travelled. Syndicate of the Cambridge University,8, http: The Adventures of Ibn Battuta: Travels in Asia and Africa ]Medieval Sourcebook: But what staggers him is the high number of convents and nuns. Once, he saw a young boy dropping a porcelain plate, which broke.

The people of Damascus also provided waqfs charitable endowments for schools, hospitals, and mosques in their great numbers, a city, Ibn Battuta tells, where the social spirit was at its optimum [23]. He served the Sultan until portraying him as an nattuta personality. Thus, in Egypt, he makes many observations of Cairo:.

Ibn Battuta

Leading an entourage through steppe penetrating Samarqand, Bukhara and Afghanistan, crossing Hindu Kush. I was then only twenty two [1]. There are interesting anecdotes about his trip to finish with, and which offer a very interesting insight into the mind of the Muslim scholars of the time. He stepped in his home city after performing Hajj in He joined the Hajj Caravan here and got visited the battutaa cities of Hebron, Jerusalem bttuta Bathlehem before getting at his final destination; the sacred places of Medina and Makkah.


However, the version chosen here to give some accounts of his work is the English partial selection and translation by H.

A Journey in the Footnotes of Ibn Battutah. Uncommon Tales of a Medieval Adventurer. This is made clear from the back cover of the Dover publication of Rev. Marco Polo, on the other had, focused on reporting accurate information about what he had observed. How fortunate we are to have accounts from two contrasting intercontinental travelers from more than years ago.

After rjhla extensively in China, he did not ibm for long, returned home He meticulously recorded his observations about new cultures, peoples, beliefs, values, etc.

Each ship is accompanied by three lesser ones, and the large vessel has four bridges, its commander being the equivalent of a great emir [29]. University of California Press, From each part visited, Ibn Battuta relates his experiences and observations, which brings witness to the countries he visited and constitutes a unique account on the lives of societies, battuha, history, geography, politics of various lands.

The Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta is known as the greatest traveller of premodern times. From his trip to Africa, Walckenaer, for instance, holds, he becomes the first man to have penetrated and provided the first known accounts of the interior of such continent [34].