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All may not be as Jessica and her fellow midnighters have been led to believe, and something huge may be lurking on the horizon. Changing this one to a four because I don’t think it was as great as other books I’ve given five stars – however, it was a solid second installment to the Midnighters series and did wetserfeld me eagerly awaiting the next one. They all kinda bore me. Read more reviews at http: I might have even enjoyed this one more than The Secret Hour.

I had a hard mezanotte getting into this one.

I finally got around to checking it out again. Just think of the geographical and verbal mathematics vella can save your life during the secret hour But now, the powers are just too tame, the story just kinda slugs along, and the characters’ dramas aren’t engaging enough.

It is most definitely a worthwhile read! It was amazing and there was a lot of action. A young seer was taken by the groupies and sacrificed to the darklings to gain oil money.

Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. But she doesn’t have much to choose from in that suckish town. L’ombra del male. He’s the best, and I loved how this book ended. I could imagine a younger me really loving them. Same old guys with brand new troubles. Al contrario del primo libro, che parte con una buona idea che poi non sviluppa bene, questo libro parte quasi senza idee ma riesce a tirar fuori qualcosa di interessante nel finale. Maybe Westerfeld should have ended the story after the first book, because he invented a cool gift, diri it to Jessica, so the world was saved.


While the first book laid out the framework of the characters’ personalities, Touching Darkness took their interpersonal relationships above and beyond. Touching Darkness tells us more about the five midnighters from Bixby, Oklahoma – the only kids in the world who still continue to live and move during the secret hour, when the entire world around them freezes, and horrendous darklings come out to hunt.

She was the only interesting one with her obsession in finding out more scot the secret hour via, well, crazy ass math skillz. And I feel like as kids with powers, this was believable.

Is he the same person mostly?

Touching Darkness (Midnighters, #2) by Scott Westerfeld

Mar 02, Kenzie Kathleen rated it really liked it. Westerfeld is a genius, that’s pretty much obvious to me, if not an understatement. Rex acquista una vista speciale, Melissa legge nel pensiero, Dess forgia armi mortali, e Jonathan sa volare.

But anyway, it just my second time reading his series. Rex becomes part darkling.

Will he be all right? All Westerfeld comes up with is new, fresh, and really broadens the horizons of your thinking.


I diari della mezzanotte

Perhaps that decision of his makes me put only three stars. They almost get destroyed trying to get away. Each of them is a bright and inimitable personality that you trust and feel compassionate for – all expect for maybe Jessica That makes no sense. I started this book a while ago and then had to return it before I could finish it. Scort for telling us about the problem. But I did start to really dislike mindcaster Melissa, and I wasn’t all that fond of seer Rex, either.

Per quei sessanta minuti, ogni giorno, il mondo si colora di una spettrale luce blu e tutti gli esseri umani si paralizzano, tranne loro.

Rex and Melissa are finding love and also discover that Darklings have a way to communicate with a group of humans who are not midnighters. I found some of the usages to be rather distasteful. Then he becomes a vegetable. Se nel primo capitolo della serie sono stati per me mezzanote di confusione, in questo qui li ho trovati meravigliosi.

I mean, sure, she’s not the easiest person to get along with, she’s a little standoffish, and she can be snarky. Now he invented new problems, that could be solved with the help of Jess, but that would be too easy, so Westerfeld put her aside and made the others stupid and helpless.


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