Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass. Sighting the bearing. To determine our location we are going to combine two pieces of information. Use a compass to explore, navigate, map terrain and travel around the Engineers, the engineer compass is also called a lensatic compass.

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The azimuth is the angular measurement of an object’s direction in relation to the viewer. Raise the compass up to your eye. Open the cover completely and pull back the rear sight.

How lenstaic Calculate Height With Sextant. Avoid magnetic fields from magnets, electrical appliances, iron or automobile engines. It’s important to hold your compass stable, squarely in front of you, and level. That line should intersect reasonable close to where the other lines crossed.

When you use a compass to figure out the direction to a landmark, people call this shooting an azimuth. For more information on forward and back bearings, see lensagic tutorial on forward and back bearings.

Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass

If the tritium in your compass has become dim such that you can’t read the compass at night, you can “charge” it up with any flashlight. Two-hand Hold of the Lensatic Compass. Most people are commpass that lensatic compasses lensaric fitted with small amounts of tritium around the dial. The location we sighted the bearing to the cabin is where the back bearing intersects the lake shore. Check that the dial is floating freely.


This means that at around the 12 year mark, the tritium in your lensatic compass will have radiated about half the energy that it has to offer. Open the compass completely and hold it level in front of you. The fact that they glow in the dark especially, if they’re the tritium kind which will glow lensstic years without having to be exposed to light means you can use your compass without a light for night navigation.

As long as you can hold the compass level and steady, the exact grip doesn’t matter. Though such a simple device has been around for about a thousand years, compasses have not lost their utility. Your compass is now set.

How to Use a Lensatic Military Compass – Navigate Safely in the Wild

Generally once you have drawn your own Magnetic North line, you will not need to do this again on this map sheet lrnsatic many years. A lensatic compass, also called a military conpass, is a more advanced and useful version of a magnetic compass. Hold the compass with your thumb fully in the thumb ring, and your index finger wrapped around and gripping the circular part of the underneath of the compass’s base. It has replaced radium in recent decades after it was discovered that radium exposure is linked to an increased occurrence of bone cancer.

At the 24 year mark it will be another half of that, and so on. Lensaic the thumb of your other now on the compass, between the compass body and the lens. In your case, ise, your declination is degrees West, meaning you’ll have to add degrees before you set your compass.


You want to find your position using the technique of partial resection, so you need to know that tower’s bearing with a high degree of accuracy. Have no fear, the science here is sound a proven. The older the map, the more likely the declination shown in the diagram is no longer correct. Watch this video on YouTube Choosing Landmarks The landmark you choose can be anything visibly noteworthy. Note the red number on the dial, which is the degrees under the black index line on the compass face.

She has been studying health and fitness issues for more than 10 years. Using a compass we can sight a bearing to our cabin across the lake. The only problem is that this process takes time and tools. How to Use the Engineer Compass. You can use this feature to set your compass in the dark.

Some of the components’ terms are used in the explanations below. The bezel clicks as it moves–three degrees for every click.

It has its advantages and disadvantages over the orienteering compass. Since the ultimate hw is to transfer the angle between the map and compass, why not do it directly? Want a free ebook on Land Navigation?