: Tentada / Tempted (La casa de la noche / A House of Night) ( Spanish Edition). Title, La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indmita / Tempted & Hunted & Untamed La casa de la noche / House of Night. La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indómita / Tempted & Hunted & Untamed: P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast: Books.

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There I said it. This book, specifically, will leave you praying that May when the next book, Burned, comes out was already here. He was beginning to grow on me and he had found his place with Zoey and her crew.

She’s Red High Priestess of the red fledglings and struggling to keep them all in line. Once again, I am drawn back into the House Of Night.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. They had a nice material, indeed On one hand, he is very very evil.

Download La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indómita / Tempted & Hunted

Bloody hell, it felt like an achievement on one particular page, where the damn lady called Ms. But I just love the story!

Well, this would be good for many reasons. And Jack apparently cries, faints and twirls like no gay man I’ve ever met has acted. Whichever he chose there was one nihgt for certain — Heath would be one of the good guys.

Zoey grows a pair and dumps one of the boyfriends, but that still leaves two and tengada temptation she feels towards wanting to be lover of Kalona. There was little interaction between them, and even between the Twins! Please let him stay dead forever. This really started to grate on my nerves. The tale is full of unknown surprises; once you think you have it all figured out, and trust me, you would think you do, the prediction you infer becomes totally incorrect.


Add the fact that the ending is easily the most powerful one so far, and the inevitable conclusion is that I will be purchasing book number seven. She’s done tenada expected of her and still the world demands more! The ending is pretty freakin good.

Tentada (La Casa de la Noche, #6) by P.C. Cast (3 star ratings)

But at the end the twists with Stevie Rae, Zoe and Heath pulled me back in a bit and got me thinking I got this far with the series I really should try to stick it out and maybe I will find that spark again that drew me to The House of Night Series. Of course, boy drama is always at the top of the list when your world is about to be taken back to barbarian times.

But, then the story kicks in, the action starts and I’m once again reconnecting with these characters. He always annoyed the crap out of me. It’s like I just started to care about Heath and then Where will the next book lead us to?

Preview — Tentada by P. I don’t even understand why so many guys are obsessed with her, when she’s such an annoying idiot! It was interesting to read from other characters’ perspectives, though it bothered me that Zoey’s sections were always in first person and everyone else’s in third per I got sucked into this series after reading the first book.


Even Zoey and her harem of men were tolerable. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It’s an awesome book, don’t get me wrong.

You can certainly figure it out from context, but still. And by the way: I want to know what mess Zoey gets into now. Although there were plenty of things I disliked about the book, there were also parts that were really entertaining and held my attention long enough to find out how it would end.

And then there’s everything she needs to know but doesn’t. All the different needs that come with being a High priestess just tentaxa that there will be no lack of hoyse drama in the future. I was a little disappointed in Eric’s characterization.


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Ive been buying this series and im reading through them quickly and in this one they are just having a break from war but i think the purpose of this book that many call a filler is to patch up zoeys personal life so she can develop more as a characer, which she does.

I enjoyed the story even though it was over so quickly. Zoey was a little annoying to begin with, she’s uber annoying in this book, why can’t she just have one boyfriend? Aphrodite, who was amazingly awesome and funny, but who kept calling Zoey and the gang “the nerd of herd”, when surely it should be “the herd of nerd”?

I’m tempted to re-read this series with a red pen in hand, and then send the copies to the authors. I did appreciate the efforts of the editors until about halfway through the book, when I started seeing typos again.

Tentada Housee of Night 6 by P.

House of Night fans won’t want to miss this one! But even vampires have emotions, right? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Yes, yes, so she was connected to him past- life, ttentada it just doesn’t ring true with me. This books revolves around all the problems between all the guys she has messed with.

Also these books are so cringeworthy cheesy sometimes, especially with the phrases. And I hate the way they spell “vampire” like “vampyre”.