Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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Configuration of thecyclic data telegramUse the configuration software of your PLC in order to compose the data f,u from these modules in one of the following ways: For all level entries the numerical values must always refer to the mfu unit oflength, as defined in V8H3. The board with the transmitterelectronics is mounted separatelyin the control cabinet. If no correction using the selected counting units is possible, then the warningmessage E is displayed. Any other function can be assigned to this relay.

Ist eine Linearisierung des gemittelten Wertes gewnscht, mu die Linearisierung imKanal 2 erfolgen. The sensors are supplied with a permanently attached cable up to 30 m, cable diameter0.

The cables within onegroup can be in parallel. Reset the Prosonic FMU, also after changing between the operating modesflow and level Setting the length unit Setting the operating mode Entering the type of sensor or for FMU both sensors Entries relating to external measuring devices external limit switch, externaltemperature sensor Reset the transducer The first time the unit is commissioned, it should be reset to the values default set inthe works. The relay is in the de-energized state dropped out when the normally closedcontact is closed.

A two-core cable with fully braided shield is to be used for connecting the sensor andelectronics shield: The electricallyisolated parts are separated bylines shown in half-tone. The separate transmitter electronics is connected by a standard multicore cable in scope of delivery. A relay function is selected by entering a number in V1H1 and confirming with E. Press the plug of the connecting cable into the jack of the transmitter electronics andscrew the plug in tightly using a small flat bladed screwdriver.


Also for all flow data the numerical values entered must refer to the same unitas defined in V8H4. Channel 2is only available with the FMU The fault function can be assigned to any of the relays see Section 9. External totalizercan be controlled by the relays see chapter 7.

To measure the volume in such vessels the Prosonic FMUutilizes a table, in which the volume is stored for several levels.

Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU 860 Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System

Electrostatic discharges can lead to faulty operation or damage tothe electronic components. Each field in the matrix is accessed by a vertical V and horizontal H position which can be entered using the keys on the Prosonic or the handheldterminal. The certified sensor ensures that the measuring system can be usedin explosion hazardous areas. Setting is carried out in three steps: When all parameters have been entered, the matrix can be locked see chapter 8.

Mounting theall-weather protective cover on the IP 66 protective housing fmi also illustrated. For this reason, the instruments must be installed, connected, operatedand maintained accordng to the instructions in this manual: When tmu the difference or average, channel 1 shows the unchanged measurandof the sensor.

A green LED also indicates that operation is free from faultsand flashes on warning. All terminals are clearly marked. Changing over the current output to CIP at 95 C Sterilisation 30 min.

If the actual maximum flowrate of the channel has been entered inV2H7, then the creep value entered is a function of the entry. For two-channel units the types of both sensors must beentered. All transmitters have a separatelimit switch inputRight: Devices located in and wiring entering areas with the designation “explosion hazardous areas” must conform with the stated type of protectin. A note highlights actions or procedures which, if not performed correctly, may indirectlyaffect operation or may lead to an instrument response 86 is not planned.

  JIS G4401 PDF

As long as the basic setting has not been concluded, the Prosonic FMU emits a warning.

Endresse Hauser FMU Ultrasonic measurement | Vikat Ekinox

Application parameter 0 liquids is suitable for the measurement of sludges andviscous products. For two-channel units both sensors must be specified. The LED of a relay for counting 680 briefly flashes at every counting pulse maximum pulse rate of the relay 1 Hz. Relays and external counters;describes all relay functions and their adjustment, as well as the switch response with an external limit switch Section 8: Ffmu measurement withany unitsThe following entries are only necessary when no linearization is made afterwards.

The exact level is, for example, measured tmu a dip stick andthen entered in V2H1. Equipotential connection earth bonding A connection made to the plant grounding system which may be of type e.

Steps 3 to 8 must be repeated until thelevel and the volume have been entered for all points.

The cable is shielded by metallic braiding. The modes 7 and 8, Simulation channel 1 and channel 2, are described in chapter 9. Application parameter 2Fine bulk solidsApplication parameter 2, see Fig.

This table can fnu enteredby hand. The time taken between transmission and reception of the pulse the run time is directlyproportional to the distance between the sensor and the product surface. The new address becomes valid at a restart of the Prosonic power on.

If the linearization limit is exceeded or dropped below:: Separate switching input external passive limit switch maker or breaker or PNP switch,e.

After resetting the transducer: The LED belonging to it lights upwhen operation is free from fault.

For crest length greater than

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