Exercitia spiritualia by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Aloysio R.P Bellecio; editions ; First published in ; Subjects: Spiritual exercises, Meditations, Spiritual. IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA, Saint (). Exercitia Spiritualia. Rome: Antonio Blado, 11 September 8° ( x mm). A-O8 P4 (lacking terminal blank. Subject. Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, (2). Exercitia spiritualia (2). Devotional literature. (2). Jesuits (1). Religious aspects (1). more Subscribe to results.

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The most common way for laypersons to go through the Exercises now is a “retreat in daily life”, which involves a month program of daily prayer and meetings with a spiritual director.

Ignatius in English – 1st ed. Many subsequent editions in Latin and in various other languages were printed early on with widely differing texts.

Retrieved 6 March Ignatius of Spirritualia in English – 1st American, from the last London ed. Contact Client Service info christies. However, while discernment can be understood as a mystical path, it can also more prosaically be understood as a method of subjective ethical thought.

You find the symbol of the mountain here again, the mountain which we found in Richard of St. The first sin is the sin of the angels, their revolt against God; the second is original sin, the sin of Adam and Eve; exervitia is our own sinfulness. Goupy et Sociorum Exercitia spiritualia s.

The Exercises have also impacted the founders of other religious exercitla, even becoming central to their work. This point of view, which I am trying to make clear to you, is not the invention of St.


Its asceticism is not one of resignation and withdrawal, but full of a positive recognition of active life. Last edited by Lisa.

Exercitia spiritualia S. Ignatii de Loyola : versio litteralis ex autographo hispanico

Ignatii de Loyola in Latin – Juxta Romanam editionem sextam. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Meursium Exercitia spiritvalia in Latin. Ignatius Loyola in English – 2nd rev. As Przywara says, a totality is formed: Unable spirtualia render this page. One deceives oneself completely when one assumes, that a religious service in the East, taking place before a statue of Buddha, is addressed to Buddha.

Already in the second century B.

Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, Exercitia spiritualia. : Toronto Public Library

Translation – The Spiritual Exercises”. Goupy et Sociorum Exercitia spiritualia S.

Perceive thou therefore in Me the praising perhaps slaying of a Word, the piercing of a Word, the blood of a Word, the wound of a Word, the hanging of a Word, the passion of a Word, the nailing of a Word, the death of a Word. These elements, together with the spiritual power of the Exercisesgave the Order its militant character and exeritia it to exercise its great influence on the world. Christogram of the Jesuits. This aspect of the Spiritual Exercises reflects the trend toward mysticism in Catholic thought which flourished during the time of the counter-reformation e.

Exercitia spiritualia in Latin. The human soul is continually drawn in two directions: Ignatius of Loyola in English. As a work of religious inspiration the impact of the Exercises has been almost as great outside the Society of Jesus as within’ PMM.

Think thou therefore in the first place of the Word, then shalt thou spiritualai the Lord, and spirituaila the third place the Man, and what he hath suffered. The transcendence of this subject is emphasized and, through his identification with this aspect of Christ, man is raised above space and time into eternity.


We also find indications in India of western exercjtia, but it is impossible to date them accurately.

Exercitia spiritualia | Open Library

This gives the tearing apart of the human soul an extraordinarily new and important interpretation. The exercitant reports back to the spiritual director who helps interpret the exercitant’s experiences and proposes material for the next day. The original, complete form of the Exercises is a retreat of about 30 days in silence and solitude. Born Inigo Lopez de Recalde to a noble Basque family in the province of Guipuzcoa in Spain, St Ignatius led a normal youth but received his religious transformation as a young man.

This highly remarkable text shows you that these ideas have been pondered over since the earliest days of Christianity. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. After the first week Ignatius recommends a form of contemplation which he calls “application of the senses. Its asceticism is not one of resignation and withdrawal, but full of a positive recognition of active life.