Evertz Microsystems expressly prohibits the use of this manual for any purpose other than the operation of the MVP™ and MVP Maestro™. Due to on going. Updated manual corresponding to Firmware/Maestro release .. C:\ Program files\evertz\VIP\Maestro\systems (default VIP Maestro installation folder). 2. Evertz Microsystems Ltd. MVP server and Maestro software Highest quality multi- image outputs: Most control environment using Evertz Maestro software.

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Additional accessible formats for this information are available upon request. When loading a previously created preset, it must have been created for the VIP. Window Parameter Right-click Menu Options When selecting a window from the Canvas page view, then right clicking, the menu to the left appears with the following options as illustrated in Figure Place a check next to video fault to be used to trigger fault message.

This allows for three separate triggers with three different display characteristics. Select static or dynamic mode. Preset Catalog Shortcut Keys Revision 1. Select layer to add objects to, use checkbox to select visibility of each layer.


Switch from current display to an alternate display. Enter a tally message to be displayed when the tally is not activated.

Please provide the following information with your request. Click OK when complete. Save the current design under a new name or directory. Set the color and opacity of the UMD.

It also provides a GUI to update the application firmware in multiple units over the Ethernet connection. View the hardware that makes up the selected system, and provides the option to upgrade the firmware for the selected VIP or MVP modules.

MAGNUM Multiviewer

Save As Video Redirect Target: Fault Object Properties Add a fault message to the monitor object by selecting the Status tab from the Objects form and ebertz and dropping the Fault Message icon onto the object.

The VIP-X simultaneously addresses two common challenges by combining a functional and highly reliable control room routing platform with a modular multi-image display system in one integrated package. Option sets the trigger for this fault, see figure below for details. Upload configuration displayed on Evergz page view to VIP output.

Option to load a recently used preset. Set the color and opacity of the text used on the UMD message.


Protocol ids are used by these systems to reference a specific destination on the router and send the source label based on cross-point configurations of the router. Enable aspect ratio to lock aspect ratio when size property modified.

System Manager Shortcut Keys 4. Save the current preset under the current name identifier. Contact Us for more information.

Display Manager Shortcut Keys Always use LTC time for time of day reference, the system clock reference is not a valid source of accurate time and can not be used if recalling layouts from DCP or GPI, etc.

Tally Object Property Sheet Alignment: If this is the first use of this software, a dialogue window will appear indicating no systems have been defined.

Download Evertz Software

Common Key Bindings Shortcut Keys Sizes the active picture to fit within window and force the aspect to Contact Us for more information. CaptionWare is the replacement to the x Configware application. Edit Drop-down Menu Figure