With an impressive Home Theatre pedigree, the Epson EH-TW Home Theatre Projector is the latest release from the world’s number one projector. Epson EH-TW review. As an entry level projector, we can’t recommend Epson’s extremely capable ‘ enough. You’d need to spend a. Epson is one of the leading projector manufacturers in the world today and offers a five-strong home cinema lineup. The EH-TW is its.

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What Hi-Fi?

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Skin tones are natural but with enough colour and life, while the overall level of insight and subtlety is commendable for a projector at this sort of money. It’s decently connected, too: When it came to the video deinterlacing tests the results weren’t quite as good with the TW producing jaggies on the rotating line at a less acute angle than we saw with the TW For instance, the brand’s Reflective LCD technology is missing here.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. This printer is designed to function only with genuine Epson ink cartridges and not with third party ink cartridges. Some shadow detail was lost, as the TW struggled with the low-lit confines of Ryan Reynold’s submerged coffin.

Epson TW3600 (EH-TW3600) 3 Chip LCD 1080p Projector Review

The printer may not function properly or at all if you use third party ink cartridges. Images looked fine in bright scenes but with dark scenes there was a decidedly washed out look and we wouldn’t recommend the TW for use in a light controlled dedicated home cinema. Oops, it looks like the system is down. Picture Performance Whilst the TW might not be perfect it was certainly capable of a very good performance, especially with high definition content.

  AKG C4000B PDF

Things improved considerably with Freeview HD broadcasts and when it came to Blu-rays the TW was capable of producing natural and detailed images with a lovely film-like quality. Experience the drama of your favourite movie or the excitement of the big game with an image that is truly larger than life, right there in your own home.

Finally there is a sub-menu for all the Advanced calibration controls which we will come back to later.

The TW was able to correctly detect the 3: A fine performer for the money Projecting the Blu-ray of Inceptionit’s clear that the Epson is very capable. Design and Features The Epson TW shares exactly the same white chassis as Epson’s TW and as we mentioned in the review for that projector we would prefer it if there was an option for a black version as well.

Black levels are impressive, too, the digging out detail from darker scenes in which is renders deep, solid black levels faithfully. Otherwise it has the same reasonable build quality and weight of the TW whilst still retaining a slightly plastic feel.

The TW was certainly capable of lighting up a reasonably large screen but if this is your intention there is the possibility of being able to see pixel structure at a normal viewing distance. Trying to improve this by taming the brightness resulted in a less punchy image. As always with LCD projectors the inability to seal the light path which might result in ‘dust blobs’ where contaminants in the light path are visible in the projected image.

Once level it just took a couple of minutes to zoom up the image, then shift it so that it precisely filled the tw36600 screen and focus the image.


Epson TW (EH-TW) 3 Chip LCD p Projector Review | AVForums

Whilst not having the superior video processing and bigger contrast ratios found on the higher end models, it does include the same comprehensive calibration controls epsob a claimed brightness of 2, lumens. Of course the brighter the bulb, the greater the heat that is generated and the more cooling that is required.

That said, I can vouch that this Epson is capable of producing an extremely bright picture, so it’s well suited to those whose viewing environment isn’t overly dark.

So let’s take a look and see how it measures up The setup of the TW was very straight forward and thanks to the three feet it was easy to level the image with the projector screen. With Toy Story 3 BDcolours had great richness.

However on the dpson side the TW is much brighter and whilst this might be detrimental to the overall black levels is does mean that the TW is capable of producing quite a bright image. The other area where the TW was clearly inferior to the TW was with blacks and unlike the surprisingly deep blacks on the TW, the blacks on the TW had that dark grey look that we have come to expect from an LCD projector.

Usage Conditions Epson products are designed and made to give highly reliable use and long life when used according to its specifications.

This might prove useful fw3600 you are planning on using a projector in a room with a lot of ambient light where washed out blacks are to be expected and overall brightness is more important. You want this Total 0.