DIN 68126 PDF

DIN Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National. Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. Pellets produced by our company meet the requirements of GOST R and the requirements of European standards DIN EN ISO , EN ISO.

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This standard specifies how the suitablility for machine strength grading has to be certified. Poplar; German version EN Round and sawn fin – Terminology – Part 3: Poplars; German version EN Durability of wood and derived materials; definition of hazard classes of biological attack; part 1: The document defines classes of appearance grading of European pines according to general rules for softwood sawn timber given in prEN Round and sawn timber – Method of measurement of dimensions – Part 1: Durability of wood and wood-based products – Definition of hazard classes of biological attack – Part 3: Annex A gives information on these biological agents.

This standard specifies two classes of permitted deviations from target sizes for strutural timber of softwood and hardwood species.

Strength grading of wood – Part 5: Durability of wood and wood dun products – Natural durability of solid wood – Part 1: It describes various classes of temperate hardwood rough sawn and regularized timber for which it lays down denominations and definitions. Weatherboards made of coniferous timber.

The board is klibrovanny construction

Hardwood round timber; German version EN Sawn softwood – Visual grading – Part 3: The document specifies the qualitative classification for the roundwood of larch Larix and douglas fir Pseudotsuga.

This European Standard defines a non-destructive method for estimating the moisture content of a piece of timber using an electrical resistance meter.


Holz House has its own rated wood cutting area, so we can guarantee the quality of the 681126 materials base used for the production of all types of building lumber. All the symbols are presented as letter types in alphabetical order.

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Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section – Part 1: The document defines a wide range of symbols for use in documents covering solid timber and all wood based dn.

Sign up for a meeting with our managers and you will have no doubt that you have made the right choice! Sawn timber; German version EN The document lists visual strength grades, species and sources of timber, and specifies the strength classes from ENto which tey are assigned. A method is also given for checking the strength of a timber sample against its designated value.

Testing of wood; compression test perpendicular to grain. Strength grading of wood – Part 1: Classification of preservative penetration and retention; German version EN Shrinkage and swelling dimensions see DIN This document contains general terms relating to sawn timber used in European Standards and the definitions of 681126 terms.

Dry nosing strip kiln drying and natural moisture nosing strip of several typical profiles.

The document consists strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section for timber structures. Sawn timber used in industrial packaging – Permitted deviations and preferential sizes; German version EN Durability of wood and wood-based products – Performances criteria for curative wood preservatives as determined by biological tests; German version EN Application to solid wood; German version prEN dib It specifies the biological tests required together with the performance criteria to be achieved in each test.


This standard specifies requirements for bonded finger joints and minimum requirements for the manufacture of cut, interlocking, bonding finger joints in structural timber members.

The document specifies the method to be used to determine the characteristics and classify the appearance quality of timber in joinery. The sources listed are therefore largely determined by existing commercial practice. The document defines terms relating to anatomical structure of timber used 6812 European Standards. Terms relating to features of round timber; German version EN Properties of wood species – Density, modulus of elasticity and strength.

The document specifies the methods of measuring features taken into account in the visual grading of sawn, processed and round timber for appearance or to assess its mechanical properties.

Only exact compliance with the building lumber production technology allows to produce high quality finishing materials. Quality grading for European pines; German version prEN Holz House building lumber is produced diin spruce and pine wood harvested in the northern regions of the Kirov region. It also gives information relating to their treatability, origin, density and sapwood width. Sawn timber – Appearance grading of hardwood – Part 1: Terms relating to degrade by insects; Trilingual version EN Softwood and hardwood pulpwoods.

The document specifies a qualitative classification and grade designation for felled trees of ash Fraxinus exelsior and maples presented in the form of long poles or logs. 6812 addition, guidance is given for the degree of quality control necessary to ensure the reliability of timber graded by strength grading machines.