Only one other case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma has been reported in the ramus region of mandible of the 90 cases that we have reviewed. Review of. Abstract Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma is a rare histological variant of Ameloblastoma. Approximately cases of desmoplastic Ameloblastoma have been. The desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is characterized by specific clinical, Article· Literature Review (PDF Available) in Oral Oncology.

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ameloblsstoma Among the DA patients, there were 59 Studies have been done to find whether the bone found is new bone or mature bone. The lesion was treated via enucleation and curettage of the marginal bone and fenestration. A year-old female reported with a swelling in relation to the upper front teeth. In view of the paucity of DA case series and the only limited understanding of its biologic behavior and prognosis, the proper treatment strategies for DA are not entirely defined so far.

The swelling was slow in growth and present since 4 months. The accurate diagnosis of a DA is hard to achieve before the operation; Second, DA frequently present with ill-defined border making it difficult to investigate the exact interface fesmoplastic the lesion with normal bone; third, the more common location in the maxilla may produce an early invasion of adjacent structures.

Correlative histopathology, radiology and CT-MR imaging. With the above picture, a diagnosis of DA with osteoplasia was made.


This article has been cited by. To receive news and publication updates for Case Reports in Pathology, enter your email address in the box below. We performed a desmoplasitc analysis of the approximately 30 cases of hybrid ameloblastoma reviewed by Rai et al. desmkplastic

Tooth displacement which occurred in the present case is a common feature of DA. Criteria for inclusion in the here presented study were a confirmed histopathological diagnosis of DAs with a detailed clinicoradiographic description. A previous study reports that DA tends to be less biologically sesmoplastic than conventional ameloblastoma based on their estimated mean growth rates [ 5 ]. Indian J Dent Res.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma – A review.

In the series by Reichart et al. Various immunohistochemical studies have reported DA tumor cells as showing variable expression of S protein and desmin, high expression of caspase-3 and Fas, decreased expression of cytokeratin 19 and high expression of p Radiologically, the DA frequently presented as diffuse, mixed radiolucent — radiopaque lesion, apting to be misdiagnosed as fibro-osseous lesion. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Giant neglected desmoplastic ameloblastoma: Journal International Medical Sciences Academy.

Articles from Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Panoramic and periapical radiographs and computed tomography demonstrated an image similar to a fibro-osseous lesion. Histological specimen of a desmoplastic ameloblastoma presenting with irregularly shaped epithelial island, surrounded by narrow zones of loose-structured connective tissue embedded in desmoplastic stroma.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma – A review.

Lamina dura of the teeth was hazy and teeth were seen to be displaced [ Figure 1 ]. We have presented a case of desmoplastic ameloblastoma in the premolar region of mandible with its clinical and radiographical viewpoints.


Recurrent desmoplawtic ameloblastoma of the maxilla: This case report focuses on a DA which occurred in the mandible of a 26 year-old female. Biological profile based on cases from the literature and own files. Extensive stromal desmoplasia is a striking finding with a tendency to squeeze or compress the odontogenic islands at the periphery.

None, Conflict of Interest: The biologic behavior of the lesion is still debatable. Un raro caso clinico] Cristofaro, M. An incisional biopsy was conducted, and the lesion was diagnosed as a benign odontogenic tumor data not shown.

DA is reported to occur in the anterior desmoplasitc premolar region of either maxilla or mandible. Abstract Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma is a rare histological variant of Ameloblastoma.

Footnotes Source of Support: A case report, J Oral Maxillfac Sorg Histopathology Histologically, scattered epithelial nests and extensively desmoplasia were desmopastic features of DA Fig. Prospective studies with regular and long term follow-up are needed to provide the necessary information before any conclusions in this aspect can be drawn. Report of five cases and review of literature Sivapathasundharam, B. Radiographic characteristics of cystogenic ameloblastoma.

Odontogenic Tumors and Allied Lesions. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

According to Philipsen et al. Usually, the patient’s first symptom is a painless swelling.