The source field investigations: the hidden science and lost civilizations Allow me to take you back in time, before David Wilcock welcomes you to the future. The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind David Wilcock exposed many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science. The Source Field Investigations has ratings and reviews. If all science textbooks were read to our children by David Wilcock, we would have a lot.

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The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock | : Books

David doesn’t think the world was supposed to end in Kmetz summarized the case against Backster in an article for the Skeptical Inquirer in Refresh and try again. How to write a great review.

wilcockk Anyone searching for understanding. As fascinated as I am by the work of the seeming hundreds of scientists that Wilcock surveys, and as important as I believe it is to present all their work in a way that can thoroughly blow the reader’s mind with the implications and encourage a conscious paradigm shift, I cannot support Wilcock’s methods.

After reading a few chapters, I realized it is just crackpot science. Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations.

Behind Majestic with David Wilcock https: Your dedication in bringing us the truth is far beyond what one would expect in this book, as I read about the experiments started question many other things around us and the possibilities are endless. The Mystery Of Great collection of information investigationz knowledge.

I wish to to source all of my material from immediately reviewable and postable places, as this enables others to immediately disprove it if it can be found to be rubbish. Even if not all of it is true, it makes you think. Calling upon fascinating areas of alternative science, Wilcock’s unique philosophy connects the human species and the rest of the cosmos, proposing that it is in our power to sourve in the Golden Age prophesied in so many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions.


I believe Wilcock sees his role as an iconoclast, to stimulate debate, and to keep the books open on investigatinos that many believe to be established fact.

Like Us On Facebook. The Legend of Starcrash. Max Valmans appears to be the guy to look to. Jul 31, Bryan Elkins rated sourcd it was ok. Curtains for Partial Disclosure?

It speculates that there is more out there than we, as a whole, dare to dream! Lost Knowledge of the Ancients. He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama. Slowly, I may one day read this entire book. Life Between Heaven and Earth. Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds. He has done a huge amount of work bringing this information together, driven by a deep sense of purpose, and I hope I can either continue to read it while forgiving his stupidity or find the same vast set of information elsewhere.

David Wilcock – RationalWiki

The first section of the book is all about telepathy and lucid dreaming and the interconnectedness of everything typical new age stuff, then the middle part was an attempt at providing a unified field theory for physics, that was the only s I decided to read this as a joke and figured I would try and see what all the hype is all about.

I feel that the beauty of David’s book is that he makes a powerful suggestion, with “hints” of it being possible though scientific findings that challenge mainstream, conventional theories.

Lenin and Slavoj Zizek. Thus, I am searching for other additional experimenters: I will go back to them if the book main holds merit that deems looking back sourrce. David, This Source Field Investigations is filled with so much knowledge it is amazing you were ever able to finish the book.

About David Wilcock David Wilcock is an author, lecturer, filmmaker, and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Backster used polygraphs for many years, and on a whim he connected a polygraph to a plant. His innocence of this fact has its positive side, as his apparent lack of higher education has allowed him to draw significant connecting lines between a myriad of scientific discoveries that could each, on their own, perhaps be dismissed by many as anomalous, but together paint a startling but sensible picture of existence.


He was under contract to Gaia TV until resigning in Julyclaiming an abusive work environment, unfair compensation, and deceptive editing of its programs.

Also, there are long passages where certain numbers are put through multiple permutations to arrive at an “exact” thing that aligns with Mayan calendars and other such contrivances. Go about your work; keep notes on what fiele are doing at specific times, and later compare them to your chart recording.

Is my IQ going to be lower after I read this? To synthesise this greater Big Science he draws upon scientific research both in Western and formerly communist countries. The first section of the book is all about telepathy and lucid dreaming and the interconnectedness of everything typical new age stuff, then the middle part was an attempt at providing a unified field theory for physics, that invrstigations the only slightly interesting part How can you do consciousness research if your experiments are unrepeatable?

The rabbit hole goes deep my friends and it would do us a world of good to be educated as ignorance keeps one controlled and asleep.

David Wilcock

Excellent well researched content. The chapter goes on to re-examine the empirical method and how methods used in psychology differ from those used in physics. The Day After the Revolution. What is their main criticism? I Think, Therefore I Draw. This took forever to read. At the very least, this book provides much food for thought.