CS Computer Networks Two Marks Questions With Answers Anna University, Chennai. Anna_University,_Chennai_logo. UNIT I. 1. Explain ISO/OSI . CS COMPUTER NETWORKS TWO MARK QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK BY SELVAM COLLEGE OF. A Computer network is a number of computers interconn this is for 2 marks and 16 marks question papers for data communication. Copyright: Attribution CSComputer Networks – Anna University Engineering Question Bank 4 U. Uploaded Mobile Communication 2-MARK Questions and Answers. Uploaded .

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The two main categories are User Oriented Network Oriented The data must be transmitted using NRZ-L encoding. One connection is used for data transfer, the other for control information.

Data communication is the exchange cz2302 data in the form of 1s and 0s between two devices via some form of transmission medium such as a wire cable.


It contains synchronization, flag, flow and error control specifications necessary to move information from one place to marrks, as well as the physical address of the next station to receive and route a packet. A Character level encryption in which the characters retain their plaintext but the position of anwsers character changes. If a station wants to send data, it must wait and capture the token. Pretty Good Privacy is used to provide security for electronic mail.


CS Computer networks – RJ edition 2marks and 16marks with answers

These deals with electrical specifications, physical connection, transport timing and reliability. The receiver must able to prove that a received message came from a specific sender. Security issues include protecting data from unauthorized access and viruses. What is the purpose of Domain Name System? What are the network support layers and the user support layers?

The control connection uses very simple rules of communication. Permutation is transposition in bit level.

A hamming code can be designed to correct burst errors of certain lengths. In public key, there are two keys: The criteria used to evaluate transmission medium are Throughput Propagation speed Propagation time Wavelength What is spread spectrum and explain the two types of spread spectrum? The connection is made after both computers do qnswers.

If the neighborhood responds to the greeting as expected, it is assumed to be alive and functioning. Checksum is based on the concept of redundancy. questionz

The three basic techniques of multiplexing are, Frequency-division multiplexing Time-division multiplexing Wave-division multiplexing Session, presentation and application layers are the user support layers; they allow interoperability among unrelated software systems.

Write short notes on VRC. Rate- based design, in which the receiver tells the sender the rate-expressed in either bytes or packets per second — at which it is willing to accept incoming data. What is the purpose of HTML?


A frame consists of one complete cycle of time slots, including one or more slot dedicated to each sending device. If something goes wrong and the packet gets lost, corrupted, misdelivered, or in any way fails to reach its intended destination, the network does nothing.

Anna University Chennai CS – COMPUTER NETWORKS(Regulation ) model question papers

What are the two classes of traffic in FDDI? Congestion in a network occurs if user sends data into the network at a rate greater than that allowed by network resources.

What are the functions of MAC? Ethernet is a multiple-access network, meaning that a set of nodes send and receive frames over a shared link.

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The phenomenon related to the bending of light when it passes from one medium to another. How is a secret key different from public key? There are 3 types of HDLC frames. The disadvantages of ccomputer fiber are Very expensive. For one million users to communicate, only two million keys are needed. The system must deliver data to the correct destination.