Repair and service information for the Contax camera. The Contax service manual gives a comprehensive list of possible causes of various symptoms and I suggest you refer to that if the cause of your problem. Contax Quartz 35mm SLR camera, Contax Q, Q. TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls .

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Underneath is a PCB with several gold plated tracks. The last thing to remove is the viewfinder display LED assembly that is attached to the side of the prism assembly. Underneath is a collet with a slotted top.

Replacement is the reverse order but, before refitting the mirror box, cock the shutter by using the film advance and cock the mirror by pushing the lever shown in the next picture in the direction shown until it locks into place.

Adjust the viewfinder display LED position by adjusting the slotted screws previously mentioned while looking through the viewfinder with the LEDs lit.

Making sure the back is slightly wet makes a big difference here because you need to slide the cover into place. It is the bottom screw to adjust focus. I lubricate both the flywheel shaft and the shaft of the gear above it. It may need a wiggle to get it clear. To clean these off requires removing the prism. However, there are other’s in my collection that are just as good such as my humble Yashica FX-D.


Contax 139Q

In later models, the magnet and associated mechanism were improved which largely eliminated the problem. The Contax Quartz with a 35mm f2. When this happens, the armature fails to move when the magnet is turned off and then nothing happens. This picture also shows the spring contacts that coontax to the left hand front plate assembly. Quartz-timed electronically controlled vertical travel clntax metal focal plane shutter.

To remove the switch, the ISO plate needs to be lifted.

Now, temporarily, fit the ISO dial. I intended to make it my main film camera, and planned to send it to Peter Robinson for a minor service. There is no known serial number data for the but available information shows the magnet problem was corrected in cameras with serial numbers above, approximately,The parts of the switch, in their correct assembly order, are shown in the picture. Usually the fresnel lens, which is on the underside of the screen, becomes damaged and nothing can be msnual with it.

Every now and then you get a duff camera: DIY Repairs This page is intended to give some guidance to anyone wishing to attempt their own repairs.

To clean the magnet which is under the mirror box, refer to the previous sections to remove the mirror box. Apply a piece of double sided sticky tape to the button, overlapping it onto the surrounding dial. Once the camera is in a state that the LEDs can be turned on, check they align with the viewfinder mask. The bottom cover and the lens mount trim need to be removed to access it.


DIY Repairs – Contax Resource

Note that the catch needs to be tight for it to work correctly just not too tight. The two slotted screws that can be seen either side of the fixing screw are used to adjust the position of the assembly to align the LEDs with the viewfinder mask.

The focus screen is not user removable and to remove it requires the flexi PCB to be lifted and the prism removed from the top of the mirror box.

The final thing to do after most repairs is to refit the covers.

The mirror can be separated from the carrier using a thin, long bladed knife which should be inserted between the mirror and the carrier and worked side to side gradually cutting contaz the tape. Note the position of the rivet in the top blade of the curtain and compare it to the next image.

Replacement covers are often thicker and are difficult to get under the holder. Electrical contacts exist at the shutter speed dial, the ISO dial, the left hand front plate exposure check switch and self timer and the later versions of transfer switch under the base plate.