(NO PUEDE VISUALIZARSE EN TELÉFONO MÓVIL). Catálogos Gewiss. Domótica; Energía; Building; Iluminación. SU SELECCIÓN. Guarde las páginas que le. Protected, compact, watertight ceiling-mounting luminaires made entirely of polycarbonate. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Characterised by. Thanks to the new latest generation LEDs, which are always combined with the most efficient optic solutions, the Smart[4] range guarantees excellen.

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Check same range products. Click 21 range Lighting Book. I Photobiological risk class: Label not included Startec Basic range Lighting Book.

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Gewiss UK – Product Catalogue – Lighting Catalogue for specifiers 2014

Fribay range Lighting Book. Separate openings Optimised wiring Special Gore-Tex membrane Outdoor floodlights for lighting large areas. Ideal even in installation contexts of limited gewuss less than 4 metresthey are entirely designed, developed and produced in Italy. Steel – Black Materials: Place range Lighting Book.



Versions mA to be completed with external constant current power supply. Save in your list Login Sign up. Different light sources are available, including caatalogo new LED versions.

The system is modular, or pre-configured in multiple kits. In emergency mode, only one LED unit works. Simplified maintenance Auxiliary halogen lamp Excellent adaptability Low bays for discharge lamps with a maximum power of W.

Gewiss UK – Product Catalogue – Lighting Complete Trade Catalogue 2015

Graphite and Aluminium Materials: Lighting Domotics Power Building. Upgrade your profile on my profile page! Luxor range Luxor Lighting Book.

By continuing, you agree to use cookies, otherwise you can disable them from your browser. Smart [3] is the new range of LED watertight luminaires that completes the Smart selection.

Remote control System creation is simplified.

Luminaire – GWS | Gewiss

In the letter section, the lamps are identified by two letters. Zone 2 G – Zone 22 D. Versions with 1 and 2 kW single-phase input voltage; versions with 3kW input voltage and the possibility to choose single-phase or three-phase. To obtain the extension, register the products on www. Glob range Lighting Book.


The program is interconnect-ed with other Gewiss software: Other types of push-button panels: OK, I agree I do not agree. Genius range Genius Lighting Book.

Catalogi clip fixing on the device.

Assembling the special kit GWit is possible to make the optical compartment IP Accessories for floodlights Lighting Book.

The password must contain at least 6 and a maximum of 12 characters, a numeric character and a uppercase letter.

Turn ON time 2. The switching device guarantees the continuity of the light emission if the discharge lamp is switched on again when hot. Please Login or Register.

Accessories for street lighting Lighting Book. Refer to the specific table to check the suitability for the type of lamp.