In this problem novel that quickly takes a romantic turn, first-time author Skilton paints a vivid portrait of a girl whose shame leads to an identity. Sarah Skilton’s debut novel, Bruised, opens with a gut-punch of a first scene. Imogen, a year old Tae Kwon Do black belt has just witnessed. Bruised by Sarah Skilton, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The robbery turns violent when police skulton the robber who has a handgun and kill him. Everything except Tae Kwon Do, the one thing in her bruisev that feels steady and comforting. One version of us could kiss, and the rest of us could still be safe. That said, I did like Imogen’s brother and the layers in their relationship. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Sarah Skilton’s debut novel, Bruised is a gritty story about a young girl trying to recover both her identity and her life after a terrifying robbery.

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View all 4 comments. But when she witnesses a holdup in a diner, she freezes.


Also, sometimes I have trouble incorporating Tae Kwon Do into my daily life, and reading this book just showed me how much it affects people. She’s resentful that her father has become wheelchair bound Grade: In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Bruised is not a perfect novel, but its flaws are minimal.

Honestly, with an attitude like that, I’m surprised she made it to a black belt.

I blurbed this book. I definitely feel as though this was an irritating element of the book for me as it just felt like a plot-hole. View all 7 comments.


My martial arts interest barely stretches out of watching UFC once or twice a month. From her spot on the ground, she sees a boy across the way, also hiding. Alright, the book is now complete and I’m ready to deliver my final verdict. Under the weight of what she perceives as a failure, Imogen begins to pursue an increasingly self-destructive path in an effort to redeem herself.

It also has some pretty cool cultural references. But hey, look at all the glowing reviews on Goodreads, maybe you will get something more out of it than me. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Underneath her fury, fear and nightmares from that night.

Her parents are equally complex, their many human flaws, such as the father’s ignoring his diabetes, are so real, it feels a bit voyeuristic, reading of this tragic family. Imogen is such a well rounded character. I have had my eye on this book for a while, the cover of the book is simple but very eye catching, and one that drew me in, once I had read the synopsis I knew I had to read it so I was excited to receive a copy for review.

Skilton has created an realistic protagonist in Imogen,who struggles throughout most of the novel, but in the end begins to grow and mature. Here’s something I don’t understand – why is Imogen so convinced that Ricky, and only Rickycan understand what she’s going through??

Bruised by Sarah Skilton – book review

It’s really about dealing with the issues that plagues Imogen after this haunting encounter. I am a really slow reader, but I finished this in about half the time it would normally take me.


That the younger you are, the quicker you can normalize an event and move on, because you don’t know any other way of life. Imogen’s voice is darkly humorous and sarcastic– and she’s not very likable at first.

In martial arts demos she has been controlled and confident – saarah very opposite of how she felt during the robbery. I’d like to think I would be able to defend myself, still, they say you never brjised what you’d do i I am totally bias towards this book being am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do myself, but I must say, I really enjoyed this book. We all crave them, some more, some less, and none saarah us like to feel helpless or weak.

Ricky was a sweetheart, he supports Imogen when he can and to be honest takes sxrah lot of crap off her that sarwh didn’t really deserve. May 03, Jenni Arndt rated it liked it Shelves: She grows as a character, too, and it’s like watching a new door open, ready for possibilities.

Years of hard training and discipline falls apart when Imogen is forced to confront what she views as her short-comings though an adult would have been hard-pressed to deal with what happened let alone a sixteen year old. Feb 26, Scarlet rated it liked it Shelves: Certificates of her belt tests, achievements, and competition victories decorate her bedroom walls floor to ceiling.