Find the best Bridgestone tires for your vehicle and learn about Bridgestone’s advanced fuel efficient tires and run-flat tires. 1. MICHElIN® TRUCK TIRE. DATA BOOK. Truck tires, retreads, rv tires, and commercial light truck tires 19th Edition. trucks with. MICHELIN TIRE CARE, find the perfect route with the new ViaMichelin application, SIAMTYRE HIGHWAY RADIAL for heavy-duty trucks launch in Southeast Asia and will combine .. Bridgestone 46/90 R 57 VRDP and VRPS.

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Find More Posts by voor9. Don’t know how to figure the distributed load under those conditions.

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Aug 28th, 3: I was thinking of just going down to the local performance motorcycle shop and getting a couple of old tires to try out for fit. Because of the winter I didn’t drive enough to judge the tire, but it’s a lot better then a flat BT I just returned from a mile ride 2up and my rear Metzler that had about miles on it with plenty of tread at the beginning, pretty much self-destructed about 90 miles from home.

I am not particularly heavy pounds.

For info, I now have about miles on bridfestone Avons and they still look and perform great. Combine Ecopia TM steer, drive, and trailer tires and watch the savings roll in.

If Tird have to go outside of the recommended tire size and load rating, so be it. I believe this will be the most accurate. Explore Truck Bus Radial Products. The last time I talked to the dealer, I they recommended only the Metzlers. Old Feb 27th,5: I know the older road bikes have a slightly smaller wheel diameter and was wondering when did c wheels start being available?


A manufacturer may opt for a higher speed rating and a lower weight rating because most bikes are lighter. It felt as if I was wet glass. They are also a 73 Load Rating and not a 79 as I keep finding on threads as being the requirement for an LT something I can’t seem to verify in any of the user manuals.

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They only make an rated for the LT now. Last edited by radar41; Mar 1st, at A Modern Man with For OP purposes 27″ era for a cheap gire speed’ frames wont be a Handicapbecause as Mentioned. I respect your engineering analysis, but why risk another mishap? Old Feb 28th,8: When I finally got up, I actually looked for ice that I was convinced had to be there and there wasn’t any; just a lot of my blood on the pavement. Look for certain parts velobase. Old Mar 6th, Wonderful prices of gt yokohama camouflage mesh and relevant items.

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I am looking forward to reporting on wet performance. I’ve seen the temperature in Denver and Colorado Springs be in the 90’s while a few miles away, atop Pike’s Peak, it is a raging blizzard in the middle of August. Add a Poll to this Thread. Unfortunately, tire options trjck a real problem with this bike. The Battlax BT is becoming an outdated design.


When were c wheels introduced or become common? – Bike Forums

Good prices for high yokohama ice guard. Your ME must be very old as they stopped making them a few years back. I just bought the new Metz Marathon Ultra. You currently have 0 posts.

Otherwise it looks equal to the other two I have. It is the proper size and rating for the LT and it is usually cheaper than the ME series.

Any tire wider than will rub on the swing arm. In advance we discussed the options, which are unfortunately very limited for the LT. They are not old and you can still buy the ME today.

Late 70s but it took a few years for them to become commonplace. In my opinion, the safety provided by this later technology tire compound in wet and cold conditions far exceeds that of load rating that I won’t use. The Avons are radial tires and bridgeztone suitable models. I have considerable experience with tires for cars in car racing applications and remain perfectly comfortable with my choice. The weight of the empty bike with a full tank of gas is To my surprise, they suggested the Pilot Road 4 GT’s!

I bought an extra wheel set for it with sew-ups.