Publishers’ Weekly describes Blame It on Paris as “a frothy French confection”, and Booklist calls it “hilarious a fun, frothy tale for anyone who has ever. Laura has spent most of her adult life avoiding serious relationships, flitting And only weeks before she’s scheduled to leave Paris for good?. REVIEW: Blame it on Paris by Laura Florand love the way your redneck Georgia brothers pronounce his name) uncles’ farm outside Paris.

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Characters – I have to admit that Laura sometimes annoyed me with her insecurities, but given this is a “real” story and not fiction, I can underst 4. Added by 1 blaem our members. Miss Florand has a sharp wit which she uses to poke fun at her own Southern heritage and assumptions, as well as the foreign to her culture of France. I have to hand it to them.

Made me want to whip out my passport, head to the airport and get on the first plan to Paris. May 26, Joanne rated it really liked it Shelves: Maybe she HAD to make him perfect for the sake of their marriage. Books by Laura Florand. I was looking for something pxris and funny. Highly enjoyable book that made me laugh out loud and be grateful for crazy families.

This is a great read for romance, travel, and just plan fun. And the author only lives about a 3.

Blame It on Paris by Laura Florand

It made me laugh more than once and reminded me that love is something that can transcend cultures. The internal self-negative banter was distracting and annoying. I just wanted to physically shake her that I found myself actually shaking my book at times lforand frustration. Only when I finished the book did I realize it’s actually a memoir. The worried look was either due to the cramped seating and aged decor or to the fact that her seat left her back to the waiter. He leaned closer automatically to hear me.


I’m so going to check out her fiction next. Dec 21, Brandi rated it did not like it. Since the relationship spans on a few years, the pacing was very important and Ms. And only weeks before she’s scheduled to leave Paris for good? I will definitely, definitely be i it again. Every panic attack Laura had florxnd weirdly overwrought.

After a Fulbright year in Tahiti, a semester in Spain, flornad backpacking everywhere from New Zealand to Greece, she ended up living in Paris, where she met and married her own handsome Frenchman, a story told in her first book Blame It on Paris.

Blame It On Paris

The rest of the book shows her process of growing up, actually getting to know and be included in French culture, and realizing just how wrong all of her initial stereotypes were. A truly delightful memoir of one of my favorite authors, Laura Florand. The main character can be neurotic and annoying. Since I myself had an intercultural romance that led to several weddings to the same guy on different continents, I totally got all the funny cross-cultural mis-communication, parix, and bureaucratic government dealings.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Really, could there be anything more designed to appeal to me?

And if that can’t get you to read it, then you are hopeless and should just go bury your nose in some Herman Melville or something equally horrid for the rest of eternity. Paperback Editions April Do yourself a favor: Knowing that he’s a real person and obviously not perfect only makes him seem that much nicer. I found this and decided to purchase it because glorand branch I was in was chaotic and I didn’t want to go home empty handed.


I kept on reading funny bits out loud to Patrick because they blqme too good not to share!

Sep 29, Janet rated it really liked it. And only weeks before she’s scheduled to leave Paris for good? View all 4 comments. Actually, I didn’t finish this book.

Otherwise I enjoyed this cross-cultural love story about a girl who goes on study abroad to France and falls for a man there just as she is getting ready to pariw on to the nex I really liked this, though I still can’t tell if it’s supposed to be fiction or nonfiction. It hovers on the steps outside the Forum, where most of the drug trades seem to flodand place, judging by the odors and the police busts, or prowls the surrounding cobblestones.

Booklist Review

I wish we’d seen more of his flaws. Due to it being a memoir,it delves into a lot of details. She’s from small-town Georgia. It’s written in a chic-lit style but is a memoir about how the author met her French husband and how they got married. I understand that she was trying to be witty but I didn’t find it such nor charming. Funny take on when an American woman studying abroad ends up falling in love with a Frenchman.

There were parts of the French I didn’t have a clue about but I doggedly tried to see it in my mind. And when they meet each others family, it was fun to see the South though the eyes of foreigners — and the ‘strange’ things Americans do — and vice versa for the French.