The way you position your body on the motorcycle can make the difference between panicking/freezing in the middle of a turn or feeling. Buy A Twist of the Wrist II: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding: Read 55 Race Tech’s Motorcycle Suspension Bible: Dirt, Street and Track. Showing off Bikes or Gear? Bike-related Subs Since we are talking about cornering: The Cornering Bible – Twist of the Wrist II (which used.

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There are many others like it, but this one is mine. Without me, my motorcycle is useless. Without my motorcycle, I am useless. I found the korean subtitles a great help. And it’s nice that Sherriff John Bunnell has a new job too.

I actually downloaded twist of the wrist DVD and it’s well worth it! Ash, ride at 30mph, and turn right by turning the bars right fast, and see how quick you hit the floor. On a more serious note though. When you turn centrifugal forces acts outwards during the turn.

Turn cornerung in a car and you feel the car rolling left, this exact thing happens on bikes.

Motorcycle cornering – Body position to reduce anxiety and panic

You turn bars right the force causes it to lean left. Result is you fall. So what you must do, is turn the bars left which causes the bike to fall right, then you turn into the corner. You learn this at an early age, in fact, the same time you learn to ride a pedal bike as they all steer identically.

Above a relatively slow speed it is the only way to steer a bike. That is a very watered down version, but really all you need to know, and tbh, all i can be bothered typing. Despite riding a pushbike for many years when younger The first time I put pressure on the left handlebar making the handlebars point right slightly and ended up going left, it was a revelation! My cornering was awful before I learnt how to consciously countersteer. I read it on here funnily enough and I’d probably still be cornering like a noob if I hadn’t; doubt I’d have worked it out on my own.

I wonder what’s the longest time someone has ridden for without knowing about countersteering? For me it was about a week and a half – 2 weeks. It comes naturally, I don’t know why people over think it, that’s a sure fire way of messing it up. Have a bash on a dual carriageway or motorway to change lane by putting pressure on the bar ends pushing toward the floor somewhat, I found that doing this with a bit of lean and appropriate speed before committing helped no end.


After watching that vid and similar others I always feel I’ve forgot how to ride and worry about how I’m doing it, it’s totally sub conscious like it should have become as soon as you ditched the stabilisers.

Chicken strips aren’t a measurement of skill. It’s possible for a rider with chicken strips to be faster than one without.

Motorcycle cornering – Body position to reduce anxiety and panic | OfirMX

I had no chicken strips on my first rear tyre on the ZZR and the guy who changed them said “you’re a man after my own heart”. I have small chicken strips now and I’m definately faster. Cornreing hang off the bike now. If your chicken bbible are big then you are clearly not leaning the bike far enough over Climbing all over the bike on the road isnt necessarly a good thing.

On track yeah but on a road how are you going to perform a quick unexpected change of direction mid corner if youve a knee on the floor? We’r not talking about how fast you are, anyone can open the trottle up and go fast. If hanging off the bike is the better way to corner, whether it be faster cornering or better in the wet, why do MotoGP, WSB etc riders just get knees down all the time?

They certainly bum shuffle, but they do not hang off the bike They hang off as cronering as necessary and. Race machines have much better suspension and tyres and more ground clearance. Hanging off too much for them can reduce amount of clearance they have. In fact look how far they hang off in the wet. You should only be a bum cheek corbering at most. As for being committed and unable to change direction hanging off, that’s cornerig load of tosh.

Lean angle is lean angle regardless of rider position. Changing direction is the same in both cases. In fact you could argue for 2 bikes doing the same speed the rider hanging off will have a larger contact patch and a more compliant suspension enabling a better and safe quick change. I can’t go back properly on phone so will tag this onto the end, race machines on good tracks have the grip available to exploit ground clearance!


So massively hanging off ocrnering slow them down. If you’re needlessly on the edge of your tyre because you’re not hanging off a bit, then you’re needlessly increasing lean angle of the bike and decreasing the contact patch. You removed the context from my paragraph.


If a bike is changing direction from 25 degrees then it doesn’t matter if that is 25 degrees on the seat or whether you’re hanging off at that angle. The angle is the same. If you’re on the very edge of your tyre then your contact patch is smaller on rear. That is why you can bikr off edge on rear and have room left on the front.

Bike Cornering Bible – Bike Chat Forums

You are correct though to a point that it increases. Again depends on tyre that us true mainly for sports tyres a touring tyre, certainly not always the case. Your image does not show the full truth you can still lean further than that. I will post proof I get home. Real proof not half truth diagrams. If your rating is revoked you will lose karma Have you read the ratings guide?

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