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This foundry started in and died in October It had many interesting new small point size screen fonts. It used to be here: Self-proclaimed foundry with a mysterious web page active ca.

No clue what sort of fonts they made. Denis Dulude closed shop in and returned all rights of fonts to their creators. Most fonts can now be found in the FontHaus collection. Birmingham, UK-based design firm.

Creators of the futuristic type Slacker Journal for the journal by that largs, Czech typefoundry in the 20th century. Type foundry from the early part of the 20th century, located in Turin, Italy. Acquired in by H. Comic Book Fonts, or: Rita Simpson and Richard Starkings ‘ company which specialized in comic book fonts.

The newest Tekton -lookalike font, Hellshock, was designed by Dave Lanphear. Most fonts by John Roshell. This outfit used to sell and give away fonts made by Stirling Richad. Alexander until it closed in Based in Orinda, California, they also were into custom handwriting and custom calligraphic fonts.

Free typefaces included Lingbats and Viletype Print Brush. Alexander made a dozen fonts in all. Acutetype morphed into a porn site and then another site sincebut Stirling H. Alexander has nothing to do with that. Also called Multigraph Corp. Type foundry, aka Adlertype, from the middle part of the 20th century, located in Pavona, Italy.

Their catalog includes these typefaces: Incorporates Image Club, a maker of many nice fonts. In Robert Wiebking and Henry H. Hardinge also from Chicago built the first successful machine for engraving type matrices. This led them to set up the Advance Type Foundry in Chicago. InAffolter published an extensive catalog entitled Letterama that showed over one thousand alphabets.

Few of those were original, so I suspect gilets acted as a vendor of sorts, but at least a couple seemed original, or were claimed to be original or exclusive: GuigozMoby Dick. Some examples of the types filrtype, in alphabetical order: Clair ornamentalZither calligraphic script. The company was established as Agfa Monotype Corp.


Based in Wilmington, Mass. The company also provided print drivers and imaging technologies to OEMs original equipment manufacturers. Avanxe Monotype was a wholly owned subsidiary of Agfa Corp.

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Agfa was the U. Agfa developed, produced and marketed analog and digital systems primarily for the graphic imaging, healthcare, micrographic, consumer desktop, motion picture and photography markets.

Headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium, Agfa had 40 national sales organizations globally, with worldwide sales of 4. InAgfa Monotype acquired Faces Ltd. History of the company by Lawrence W. Foundry in Offenbach, Germany. Eduard Brox designed Moderne Alt-Fraktur ; some give the date Their art nouveau typefaces include Apollo ca. Original fonts for Mac and PC, mostly Latin letters, but also a few kana typefaces: Inthey stopped offering free fonts.

Albert Hollenstein [Studio Hollenstein]. Albert Wilhelm Kafemann [J. Alien Typefaces [Nicholas Fabian]. Six futuristic typefaces by Canadian Nicholas Fabian, yours if you can decode his encrypted messages. One is called FModernMedium avant-garde style, Fabian died in April Typefounder in Paris, ca. Canadian graphic designer Allen Zuk designed these typefaces: Home page his original font pages are gone.

Zuk used to work in Edmonton. Inhe moved to the UK where he worked as a freelance designer and copywriter until He currently lives in Toronto. Born in Dallas inand retired in Florida, Phil Martin had an exciting lifewhich started as a bombardier in WWII, and went on as a piano bar singer, publisher, cartoonist, comedian and typographer. He died in October Phil established Alphabet Innovations International in and TypeSpectra inand designed most of his typefaces read: Inhe set up TypeSpectra, and created these type families: AdroitAlbertAnalogBagatelleCartelCaslonCriterionDeVilleEmbargoHeldustrydesigned for the video news at the fledgling ABC-Westinghouse hour cable news network in ; incorrectly attributed by many to Martin’s ex-employee Ed Kelton: His fonts can be bought at MyFonts.

He warns visitors not to mess with his intellectual property rights, but I wonder how he can have escaped the ire of Linotype by using the name Helvetica.

In any case, the fonts were originally made for use on photo display devices and phototypesetters. Some are now available in digital format.

Near the end of his life, Phil’s web presence was called MM dead link. Check his comments on his own typefaces. URW sells these typefaces: The final message on his last web page, posted posthumously read: He was born in Dallas and came here after retiring as a writer, singer-songwriter, commercial artist, and comedian. As a high school student, he worked as an assistant artist on the nationally syndicated Ella Cinders, and at 18 wrote and drew Swing Sisson, the Battling Jetrz Leader, for Feature Comics.


On his patriick mission shelling the yards in Lintz, his B was hit and he was listed as missing in action until the war in Europe ended.

As a commercial artist, he founded two multinational corporations to market typeface designs and is credited ifletype designing 4 percent of all typefaces now used. He also wrote columns and articles for typographic publications.

Extinct 20th century foundries

Locally, he sang original lyrics to old pop standards in area piano bars, and in produced 59 issues of the Web book Millennium Memorandum, changing the title to MM when he issued the first patrkck of the new Millennium on Jan.

National Cremation Society, Largo. Phil Martin’s digital typefaces. This foundry has some of the nicest typefaces anywhere, including many gorgeous typefaces by Philip Bouwsma example: Alexia, Juliana, BouwsmaScript, Weissenau.

DiletsPeter Fraterdeus started Exquisite Letterpress for top quality printing. Inhe promised to release Quanta Uncial. Dafont link [where one finds the free experimental typeface AI Fragment]. AlphaOmega Typography [Arthur Baker].

Typefoundry run by Cynthia Hollandsworth. Typesetting machine and system bought by Berthold. In this threadwe learn more about its history. Inthe American Greetings Corporation company issued a number of mostly script and blackletter fonts, whose names all start with CAC. These can now be found on many font archives.

Lima | Peru – PDF Free Download

Founded in and based in Cleveland, American Greetings Corporation no longer develops or sells fonts. He is a graduate of Indiana University, class ofand is principal of Courtney Rhodes Design since Archive of most of the CAC fonts. Small foundry in Greenfield, IN, operating in the mid s. Brian Horner made the grunge typefaces Treat Type, Mega, Mego, and Unicronica, the rounded typeface Bubba, and the monoline sans typeface Urchin, all in and American Type Founders or: