: Assimil pack cd Iniciacion Euskara (Basque Edition) ( ): Assimil: Books. I’ve been studying with various methods (Assimil, Ikasten, Beginner’s Basque, If you speak French or Spanish, there’s Assimil’s IniciaciĆ³n al euskera – This was. Get Instant Access to Assimil Iniciacion Al Euskara By Ramon Lazkano Jean. Charles Beaumont #67c27a EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK.

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Let’s make Basque happen! I’d love to see a Basque course here. I’m curious if anyone else would be interested in working on a Basque course for Spanish or English speakers and what sort of audience it might have ie. I can speak and write basque fluently,I’ve iiciacion applied for it. Let’s see if my application is accepted. Please Aitor let us know how it goes, and if Basque will be considered. I’m planning a move to Cantabria the next year, just an hour from Bilbao, and I’m always amazed by the signage in Euskara.

It is a very magical and exciting country, el pais vasco. Incredibly green and mountainous. Hi Olbapz,I’m very sorry,I haven’t gotten any answers to my application yet.

I guess it’s just a question of how many people have applied for it,if I am the only one they don’t even take it seriously. I applied for a Catalan euskear a while back over a year now and never got a response.

It would be nice to know whether your application wssimil “denied” or put on file for future use, but as eusker is i’m sure they get tons of applications and don’t look into most of them until they decide to actually start a new language.

A more concerted effort for Euskara would be nice. There’s definitely a demand for it, though really there’s a demand for almost every language out there.

I haven’t heard of many people sending in applications for Euskara, though. It’d be nice to get people together willing and able to work on a course. Gracias por apollar el idioma: Igual nos podemos ayudar en el aprendizaje de idiomas. Te toco por duo cuando habremos llegado y arreglado en nuestro hogar.

No es tan divertido, pero al menos tenemos Ikasten. assimi

Entonces escribes “Basque” en la cajita que te sale. Luego eliges tu s lengua s materna spuedes escoger entre “Basque” “Spanish” “Both” ambos o “Other” otro.

I posted a thread on this myself recently. It is the single language I would like most on Duolingo. I agree, Euskara is the language i’d like to see most on Duolingo.

There are several great resources already, some of them such as Ikasten are also free and very comprehensivealbeit a bit dry in content. But if we continue learning now, perhaps some day in the future we’ll be able to participate in the creation of the Basque course for others to use if it hasn’t been started yet. It’s really not that hard, it won’t be a walk in the park that’s for sure, but its grammar is super fascinating and unlike anything i’ve studied before.

It’s really interesting i’d even say fun to learn, and everyone is surprised at first and really helpful later when they find you’re studying it. My plan is to reach a certain particular level in Spanish and Swedish, and then I will fully commit to Basque Good luck with both of those! I’d be happy to help out with Spanish if i can. I spend a bit of iniciaciob at the http: It’s the most interesting living language in western Europe, so of course, I will learn it as quick as it will be possible through Duolingo.


Awesome, Basque is a really interesting language. I also think it would work really well on Duolingo as the verb system is, while not necessarily complicated, really wssimil. First we’d need to find someone eukera sponsor the course. I would be more than glad to help out but i’m still in the process of learning it and probably not the best candidate to write the course from scratch. Euskarak indartu ahalko dezan mundu guzian Duolingo bitartez, hori segur da!

The basque language could be boosted in the whole world through Duolingo, sure! Heuscara ialgui adi mundura. Euskara jalgi hadi mundura. Basque, go out into the world. No tengo ni idea de Euskera, y he probado con otras con Ikasten pero me resulta muy cansado. Mucha suerte y espero que el proyecto salga adelante: Yo estoy deseando aprender euskera.

I would love to have a course wssimil Euskara. My father’s family has Basque origins, and I have always wanted to learn the language. There are several other quality courses available. King’s The Basque Language is an excellent book i’ve just started unit 19 out of 40 which covers a great deal and has more colloquial conversations than most textbooks.

Well, at least once you get beyond the first few units. I’m also working on cleaning up Gorka’s course for English speakers, if someone’s interested in going through that i can work on it a bit more quickly. So far i’ve only done the first five lessons, but it’d be great if someone could let me know what needs more explanations, what isn’t clear, what could be added, etc. Ah, i just realized that a few posts up there’s a more detailed review of some of these courses: Thanks for the information!

I hope that in addition to the resources you provided, Duolingo will add a course in the near future. As do i, i’m not eusketa my breath but it would be great to see it make its wuskera here. In the meantime, i’ve been working on something of my own which should hopefully be a more fun way of learning Basque than the Ikasten course.

Bai, nire neba Josuk jcartegarci1 eskaera bat egin zuen euskara kurtso bat prestatzen hasteko baina antza denez, oraindik ez dago horretarako asmorik plataformaren aldetik.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

If there happened to be an option to contribute or a group was created or something, please contact him. Esker aunitz, crush, muchas gracias, thanks a lot: I’ll be definitely into it! I tried to learn a bit of bask on memrise, but it’s not like a real course.

I’m sure you’ll find people who can help build it. In France basque is not really spoken but it seems to me that the language is experiencing iniciaacion “reborn” and more and more people have interest in it. I think it’ll help french basks reconnect with the language.

Thanks, for the moment one of the most comprehensive courses is iniciacin Ikasten course http: And you’re right, Basque is experiencing a rebirth, epecially in the Spanish side of the Basque Country as France refuses to recognize Basque as an official language more and more people are growing up speaking Basque at school and among friends.

There are Basque schools in France, but it seems they don’t get very much funding. Hey, I figured this would be helpful, but Catalan is taking this iniciafion. A Catalan for Spanish speakers is being planned. Perhaps Basque Euskara can do the same thing. Instead of Euskara for English speakers, Euskara for Xl speakers.


At least it would put this language on the radar, and serve Spanish speakers who have Basque heritage or reside in the Basque region and want an additional resource. That’d be great if it happened in English, Spanish, or French. I applied for the Catalan for English speakers course ages ago but never heard anything back. So would i, there are several very good resources already, but i’d love to have a place to learn and practice it here at Duolingo, too: I really can’t remember where i first got it in my head to learn Euskara.

It’s different from every other language i’ve studied, i read about its history, started listening to some Basque music i love Gure lagunei To our friends by Urko, the first Negu Gorriak album, and even some Basque rap like Norte Apacheand even learned a little bit about ancient Basque mythology from the Ikasten course. Also, the idea of identifying with a language more than national boundaries in the term “euskaldun a “, literally speaker of the Basque languageis really interesting to me.

I’ve read that even a non-native speaker who learns Basque well will be considered euskaldun bat by Basque speakers. I really want to speak it well some day: Euskal irakaslea naiz eta gustatuko litzaidake neure ama hizkuntza irakastea. If it doesn’t happen here at Duolingo, i’ve been working on a method to learn Basque online which should hopefully get online by the end of the year: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find enough sources before but I really want to learn: As an English speaker, there are a few good resources.

Gorka’s course is pretty comprehensive, but it throws a lot at you at once. Beginner’s Basque and Colloquial Basque are ok, but way too shallow in my opinion.

The Assimil course if you speak French or Spanish is nice, really hard but nice, and found it really useful for getting used to understanding the spoken language.

Unfortunately, the course is too short: Also, there aren’t many of us, but the Basque forum at UniLang is a good place to go for help, questions, advice, etc. My advice would be to check out The Basque Languageit was recently reprinted so is easy to get ahold of again.

Euskara batua (Standard Basque/euskera batua)

The Ikasten course is free, too, you just need to create an account. It goes from A1 – B2. No problem, i’d love to see Basque become more accessible and more people get interested, so i’m always excited when i see others interested in learning it as well! I would love to see a Basque course here assimill well.

Learning about the Basque language and people did a lot to really increase my desire to learn foreign languages.

If it were a course on duolingo I and I’m sure many others would greatly appreciate it.