Download free Islamic lectures Sheikh anwar al awlaki. Life of Muhammad saw by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki is THE BEST seerah lecture in English. He has beautifully and most eloquently narrated the. Re: Seerah by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki actually, the link that was given can be heard on your computer, but you wont be able to play that on your.

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He has beautifully and most eloquently narrated the life of Muhammad saw. Imam Anwar Awlaki starts from scratch explaining the meaning of the word seerah and then he goes onto explain the importance of studying seerah in 9 points. The best thing about this series is that he has narrated hadiths from Bukhari, Muslim etc….

As he narrates, he clears up many misconceptions about Muhammad saw in the minds of non muslims and many muslims as well. Like why he married young Aisha ra, why he married Zainub ra and why he fought the jews of Medina. I felt the need to have this series in written form as well, for easy reference and to find exactly what you are looking for the in lecture. So I have started to transcribe his lecture This is an extremely slow process but Inshallah i plan to complete all the cds.

I have just finished transcribing the first cd of the Makkan period and wanted to share it with the world.

I dont know if such work has awlzki been done or not, but transcribing greatly helped me remember the details…. I will Inshallah post on the blog best parts of the chapters but if you want you can download the whole chapter here: By the seerzh of Allah, my friend Maria has completed the whole series. I srerah this thread has started more than 10 years ago, and I did not see it until recent. But Alhamdulillah i found it.

I should ansar, my entire family has benefited from this and whatever ahwar learned from the books, you are definitely getting the reward for it. Jazakallahu khayr for your immense work and transcription. May Allah grant immense reward in akhirah ameen. Asalam O Alikum Sister Javeria!! I want to ask the znwar regarding printing the Seerah you wrote in the form of book for Dawah. It would help alot of MuslimsAs many of them have good temperament of Reading not listening.

I had also been writing the same lectures i had wrote almost 4cds but amazingly someone already did that. Page 39 of the Makkan Period: May Allah reward you immensely for your effort. If you have any other page from where you update the status of the transcription, please let everyone know that from a comment.


Salam, I am interested to help in with the transcription of the Part2 of the Madeena period. Feel free to send me email i think you sl access to the email that I put in here. Hi Muhammad, Salam, I am interested to help with the transcription. Please contact me if you want to take my help. Aslamu alaikum wrwb May Allah swt accept this deed and grand anwxr reward in multiples. Brother, here I can only find the volume 1 of madeena period, what about the volume 2 and where can I find it.

So no, it has not been transcribed. Do plan to InshaAllah if some one else does not do it…but for now I am a mommy with loads of other responsibilities and can not take out the time to transcribe. My friend who did the most of the work, I will awlaji ask her if she can take out the time to transcribe Vol 2. Its definitely Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdi. You can download his recitation from here. Maddened part 2 series has it been done by someone If yes where can I get it from And can someone please send me the Hereafter series.

Assalamu Alaykum Sisters, thank you for your great work. We are starting a Muslim newspaper in Australia in sha Allah and seerah is to be a high priority. This indeed is sadqa e jaria for the transcribers inshaAllah!

Transcribed “Life of Muhammad saw” by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki – gLiMpSes

May Allah accept our efforts. May Allah swt allow us all to benefit from your efforts. Sister, is the transcript of madina period complete? I got the first part. HAve u done the 2nd part? I am from kashmir indian occupiad. I shall be thankfull. Great work masha Allah!! I am also very curious to know if Madinah part 2 transcript is available somewhere.

Assalamu Alaykum, I have checked. The file is fine at my end. Please download it again, it probably got corrupted while downloading. Assalamualaikum Sister, I appreciate your work from the ao of my heart. I think its an amazing effort. May Allah reward you immensely. I have done it Alhamdulillah. Also, I noted some errors here and there and corrected it. Could you please send me the transcript of CD I would really appreciate it.

Here is my email abdrahman. Awla,i i have checked and the CD 16 of Makkan Period is missing. It seems it was not transcribed. I will double check with my friend,she might have missed compiling it in the final document. May Allah reward you all abundantly for this wonderful work. I observed that some of his lectures have either been removed or you find them corrupted if you download. I will print these insha Allah. This is an excellent work my sisters. I do not know how to tank you for this meticulous work.


Please continue the good work.

May Allah reward you abundantly. Jazakallah May Allah reward you for the efforts hope you will upload madinan period part 2 as well inshallah. I was planning to do this since long. May Allah reward you with the best. Assalamu alaykum, May Allah swt reward you so much for transcriping Makkan Period and Madina part one.

Any chance Madina part two has been done?? Please let me know. Also I notice in Makkan period the final CD was not included in the orignal transcript. Assalamualaikum brother, you are awesome!

I sincerely pray that Allah swt forgives your sins, that He overlooks your mistakes, and that He grants you the highest ranks of jannah. Dear brothers and sisters.

– Anwar al- Awlaki

I am listening and translating these lectures on Bosnian language. Came to CD If someone has lectures on English, please send me because it is ap long work of listening some things I can not be sure that I heard correctly then translate and write. I agree that awlaaki is the best Seerah I ap in touch with. I started the seerah in my local halaqah for sisters and the first chapter really saved me a lot of time. May Allah SWT reward you for all your efforts.

As salamo alaykom, dear brothers. I listened and translated parts on bosnian language. It would be a great help to have transcribed text in english from CD 9 on.

You have done a wonderful job alaki the transcription — please inform us when the other cds are completed. May Allah reward you and guide and protect you always. Apparently I found some errors after quoting verse numbers 33 and 34 from Sura al-Ahzab. Verily, We have sent you as witness, and a bearer of glad tidings, and a warner.

imam anwar al-awlaki-life of the prophet muhammad (saw)

And as one who invites to Allah [Islamic Monotheism, i. I have been looking for these transcripts, epecially the herefafter series.

Can anyone please sen me some of his transcripts? First of all, if no one has given you the transcript of the Hereafter Series, here is anwzr complete docs: I ask Allah to reward her and her family.

I have just finished translating The Hereafter series into Chinese language. I was very happy to find CD1 of it. But could not find doc of any following CDs.