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If you are using a third party Firewall such as Symantec, please refer to its operations manual for details. This will bring up the list of Merchant Accounts you have. Merchants usually do not integrate directly wldelo the Internet Payment Gateways since it is the responsibility of the client payment solution.

This SA password is updated automatically each time card encryption key is changed. This is very similar to the evolution of cash registers into full fledged computerized POS software solutions.

Only advanced networking professionals will want to change this.

If your account is locked, it will automatically unlock after 30 minutes or can be reset by the administrator. Aldelo EDC is built entirely on. By the time you finish reading this manual, you will be able to install, setup, operate, and troubleshoot Aldelo EDC like a pro.

Your Business Doesn’t Have a Pause Button

The batch operations user account must have security permissions to perform batch and sales transactions. Aldslo not change the active merchant accounts unless you are aware of the results.

Simplified, reliable, and secured credit card payment acceptance can significantly enhance quality of service. Upon completion of this function, you should be ready to start a new batch and process transactions normally again.


We use this section manuall discuss the various scenarios you may encounter when deploying Aldelo EDC. Data storage device for a PC.

Installation Setup

This will save this security role. Static IP address is not required unless you plan to host Aldelo EDC payment engine web service to the Internet for third manuao solutions aaldelo outside of your store. Aldelo Systems will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses as a result of using this feature. Please contact the merchant service providers directly for rate comparisons. When used as a stand alone credit card payment terminal, Aldelo EDC helps you avoid monthly hardware payment terminal rental charges.

NET is part of.

On top of all these built-in application level securities, Aldelo EDC also uses Microsoft SQL Server as the back end data store for maximum reliability and scalability.

This section attempts to provide a detailed explanation of security permissions and how it affects Aldelo EDC. Each transaction is listed on this report along with transaction details such as transaction number, invoice number, transactions type, status, credit card number, data and time, etc.

The goal is to ensure that installers and administrators are fully aware of how various technologies fit together, and how Aldelo EDC makes use of all these technologies in a transparent and hands free manner to promote ease of use.

You should also create additional user accounts for batch operations, and integrated applications. Send comments about this manual to contact aldelo. Alternatively, user may also manually associate ASP. The SA account password by default is Aldelo No association with any real company, organization, product, logo, mmanual, place or aldelk is intended or should be inferred. To export a,delo import data from your database, follow the steps below Export 1.


IIS may not be automatically installed during initial operating system setup. Stand Alone Merchants are those merchants that may wish to process credit cards in stand alone environments such as doctor offices, reservation desks, service departments and other businesses that traditionally do not use a POS solution for integrated payment processing.

Plus, broadband Internet always out perform dial up payment transaction speed. More over, software based credit card solutions has the ability to be fully integrated into computerized POS solutions in order to reduce double entry and increase user productivity. The advantages of Store Deployed Payment Middleware are ease of deployment, multiple processor choices, and ease of troubleshooting by isolating problems within the store for faster problem resolution. This User Manual is created to help you understand the ins and outs of our payment processing software.

Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise level database management system that aldeli maximum manuzl consistency, security, performance, and reliability.

Such core features include credit card sale, pre-auth, tip adjust, post-auth, return, void, voice capture, duplicate override, AVS verification, CVV verification, Level II transactions, review current batch, close current batch, auto batch closure, reporting and more. This option installs the Client Component, the Server Component. The use of this tool is limited to Aldelo Technical Staff and is password protected.