(6) Jika ingin melihat keberadaan hadith pada semua kitab yang terkandung dalam program Maktabah al-Syamilah, tekan butang “Jami’ Kutub. He is the Al-Mahdi descendant of Fatima radhiyallahu ‘anha as mentioned in the (An-Nihayah Fil Malafim wal Fitan, 1/17, Maktabah Syamilah Program) From. “Al-Mahdi is from my descendants of the descendants of Fatima. (An-Nihayah Fil Malafim wal Fitan, 1/17, Maktabah Syamilah Program) From Ibn Mas’ud.

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Currently only Windows is supported by the Maktaba Sya,ilah. Maybe you can contact them to see if they have it in plan: Full-Text Online Arabic Sources: Please any assistance whatsoever is highly appreciated.

المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah – Islamic Library

Their website says that they are working on it. The details depend on your version of Windows. If you mean the library itself, it is too huge to be sent by e-mail MB.

I personally do not recommend that you download the version because it is not an official version. If you can explain in English it would be better. As far as I know there is no English equivalent to the Shamila nor is it present on their official website.

المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

Anything related to incorrect RTL, another issue. What operating system are you using? As far as I know it is not yet officially available for Mac. I myself have been waiting very eagerly for it. Tayyaba As Zeeshan has already answered it depends on the speed and status of your computer itself.


That version of Wine is old and you should upgrade, but the Intel graphics are the bigger problem. But congrats yourself if you succeed in opening one.

However, at best guess it is simply a false positive warning from Syakilah. Microsoft support pages say that error occurs when you install an application for a certain user only, then you run the application from a different user on the same computer. There is no version for MacBook yet.

I have not tried it on Windows 8 myself so I do not know about that. Try the books that are mentioned maktabha this post for books on the history of Yemen: Ayinde wasiu Try this link: Marhaban I am trying to install al-shamila to my computer. This is about Windows XP: Plus, if you need individual books, you can always download them from: Islamic Library — containing more than Authentic books.: Dear fellowsI am much happy that u maktbaah such sort of Islamic software, I left question but u people did not reply.

Perhaps syamiah have some problem with your OS language. The team responsible for it is at http: It depends on the nature of the PDF file that you want to convert. Aslamulalekum brother your job as great but if you tray in the shamiyla that you write with translation.

Try to see if there is a specific app for it in its store, and if there is not you can download a simple text reader on it and read the books as txt files: Brother simply follow the instruction in the post above and use the download link.

If you have problems with the display of the text, see this link: I like it becouse it is more important than any thing for me.


I need to view the menus of this software in English language. Puluhan Aplikasi Umum, spt: Maybe you can send the suggestion to them. If it is none of these, then you can put the text files of any of the books you want on your mobile device and use any simple text reader to read the books. That is an interesting question.

WineHQ Forums • View topic – Maktabah Syamilah on wine

May Allah increase your rewards and help this maktaba. Here is another way to get Maktiba to display on Windows 8 if you do not like the above mentioned way or if you only want one program to be affected by wl locale being changed. As far as I know only Arabic books are available for this program.

Ssyamilah you for your website, I have also a website of maktaba shamela. The above method obviously lacks almost every feature that the real Shamila offers. Keep checking the official website for updates: Print Email Facebook Twitter Reddit. Install the Program You can use the online version, though: I, myself, had tried to run Shamela in Fedora 14 and Fedora 17 a long time ago. So only one font syamilh used throughout the whole text, and it cannot be possible that you have a different font for different parts of a book.