A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah – Sister Souljah’s New York Times bestselling sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever—this The Porsche Santiaga Story. A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah – THE SEQUEL MILLIONS OF READERS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR At last The Porsche Santiaga Story. By Sister. A Deeper Love Inside opens with ten-year old Porsche Santiaga serving time in a juvenile prison for attempted murder. The narrative proceeds.

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She undoes all of the female heroine’s achievements. They are handled well and evoke emotion in the reader without pounding them over the head with it. In a two-year stretch, I had seventeen fights.

A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story

I kept avoiding it as I realized it was not in my normal comfort zone of reading material. A Deeper Love Inside eBook I was enthralled the entire time!

Must redeem within 90 days. It is difficult to wrap your head around some of Porsche’s exploits, even as you accept her as awesome and incredible, you are frequently doubting the possibility of it all.

A Deeper Love Inside eBook by Sister Souljah | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Return to Book Page. Or, their eyes would be on the youngest, because they are the babies and they might get hurt. It very well could have been a cover up by the juvenile system dweper to admit they had been bested by a group of young prisoners. Write the plot readers want to read not every rambling that comes to mind. Write a customer review.

She explained that as black people and especially w black women, we must look at everything the media produces and look at it critically. Sharp-tongued, quick-witted Porsche worships her sister Winter. But sometimes, quietly, I was yearning for Poppa and Momma to pay more attention to me simply because their love for me was as true and as strong as my love for each of them.

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A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sister Souljah

Mar 22, Malachi Kidd rated it did not like it. The story is not completely coherent and some things are missing. There is no way a 10 year old child who had been so sheltered, and controlled as Porche had been would and could think the way she did.

I should have learned my lesson from Midnight and its sequel Midnight and The Meaning of Love and ibside picked this one up.

As is her signature, Sister Souljah showcases strong-willed and determined females against the backdrop of intelligent, nurturing and successful male figures.

This reminded why I stopped buying books. I chose this rating because of all the action and entertainment from the couples, friends and families. Survival on lock-down is hard, the girls on the inside hate Porsche for her long hair and airs that come with being the daughter of a drug lord who controlled whole neighborhoods.

I fought a conceited ugly girl named Cha-Cha four out of the nine hair fights.

A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story by Sister Souljah

Price may vary by retailer. She is aware of how powerful words can be. Showing of zantiaga, reviews. It’s a very entertaining, completely unrealistic story, riddled with holes, poor grammar and page-turning juice.

Porsche’s story was like the anti-Winter story in the way that Porsche had the depth and feelings for tje that Winter even to the end of this book has never developed, not to mention a level of maturity and self-love that Winter’s shallow selfishness pales in comparison to. I know it wasn’t about Winter.


This book is a coming-of-age and cautionary tale that focuses on how ghetto-born, 10 year old Porsche Santiaga, coped with being sent to juvy juvenile detention after her eantiaga was separated by the arrest of her father- Ricky Santiaga teh was a notorious drug lord from Brooklyn, New York.

Souljah seemed to have an internal battle with Porsche in this book. You have a feeling of being in the setting, instead of being told about the setting.

She lives on a ward for violent girls. I wanted to give this book 3 stars- I really did, because, you know, I’m down with the Santiaga’s and and The Coldest Winter Ever was a show stopper It seems that every crossroads Porche arrives at, her steps are guided down the correct path where Winter barreled head first down the wrong one.

Which is is, but the way they are marketing it its almost as if its going to be starring Winter with her little sister Porsche along for the ride. Brooklyn-born, we chill now in a Long Island mansion. On one hand she tried to keep the hard, street edge that we loved Winter for, but on the flip side she wanted to make Porsche her own, unique character.